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5 Reasons Facebook Makes Me Twitch With Rage On A Daily Basis

Posted on the 02 June 2017 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
5 Reasons Facebook Makes Me Twitch With Rage On A Daily Basis
Social media is, in my opinion, both a blessing and a curse.
I can't tell you how many times it has saved my sanity when I've had a really crappy day (it's amazing how fast a funny mom parody video can cheer you up! God bless Tova Leigh!), or how often it's come to my rescue when I can't think of what the hell to make for dinner...
But equally, it can also drive me absolutely potty.
People talk a lot about Instagram lately and how the constant exposure to other peoples highly-styled lives can be damaging but I have to say, no other social media platform gives me as much of a headache as Facebook!
I don't know what it is about Facebook, but it seems to brings out people's stupidity in gargantuan portions.
So today, I thought I'd share just a handful of things that I see take place on a very regular basis on Facebook that make me feel all sorts of stabby!
1) People Who Post Passive Aggressive Statuses
You know the ones, they usually end with a cute hashtag like "#SorryNotSorry" and they usually skirt around stating what they're actually talking about because the one person they're intended for will know and everybody else can just spend the rest of the day feeling paranoid and wondering if it was aimed at them.
This month in blogland (*omg can you imagine if that was a real place?!)  it's award season, and the amount of snarky Facebook posts I've seen complaining about "All of the sponsored posts begging for votes" makes me queasy. Here's an idea! If you don't like what someone else does - unfollow them! Hide their statuses! Don't vote for them!
OR...and this one is reeeeeally out there....how about if you have a problem with somebody, TELL THEM instead of whining about it on Facebook without actually saying it.
Just an idea!!
2) People Who Use The "Unfriend" Button As Some Kind Of Weapon
Now I can't speak for you guys but I have certainly been on the receiving end of this, infact the main people who like to use this tactic are actual family members of mine.
I mean, does that not just seem slightly ridiculous to you?! We are related by blood...pressing the "Unfriend" button doesn't change this or the fact that I'm probably going to be forced to sit in the same room as you at the next family event, so how about you just raise your problem with me like a decent person instead of using Facebook to send the message that I did something to piss you off?! #MatureMuch
3) People Who Just Argue For The Sake Of It
Now I have to say, I have been VERY fortunate on my own blog Facebook page so far as the people who follow me there are all normal, nice, friendly and helpful people who have never made me feel the urge to go on a Blocking rampage - but other bloggers that I follow are not so fortunate!
Infact one particular friend of mine seems to attract all manner of argumentative arseholes on her Facebook posts - it doesn't seem to matter what she writes about, there's always someone willing to argue the toss just for the sake of it. WHY?! Are these people this argumentative in their everyday lives or do they save their aggression purely for social media?! Just stop for a minute and IMAGINE a world where everybody got as pissy about things as they do on Facebook?! We'd never get anything done!
4) People Who Think Anybody Gives A S**t About Their Opinions
This is one that REALLY bothers me. Why do people see Facebook as an opportunity to shout their opinions about any and everything?!
It can be anything from politics & racism, to body shaming & the pizza eating habits of the overweight  - whatever the topic it seems there is always an opinion to be shared and usually with little regard for those with differing opinions, or those who may be offended, upset or hurt by their statements.
It's almost as though people think that typing out their words on a social media page makes them less impactful, offensive or shocking?!
5)People Who Make A Big Song & Dance Of Leaving A Group
Ohhh my word, there are no words for how irritating I find this!
I'm a member of a fair few Disney focused Facebook groups, and the amount of times per day somebody makes a whole post announcing that they're leaving and alll the reasons why is ASTOUNDING!
"Hey guys I'm sorry to say I'm going to be quitting the group today because I mean I'm just so tired of seeing people ask the same questions all the time, and nobody uses the FAQ section and..."
You know what i'm noticing as I write this list?!
There is one common theme among all of the things that irritate me on Facebook - PEOPLE!!!
Social media would be a whole lot more enjoyable if only there was a way to use it that didn't involve exposure to other people - I think I'm going to invent my own thing, ANTI-social media!
Where we can all just sit and scroll through Buzzfeed "What Kind Of Pizza Are You" quizzes and endless Tasty recipes without actually having to interact with anybody else or being exposed to other peoples BS.
What do you think, am I on to something?! I can almost feel Mark Zuckerberg quaking in his solid gold boots....

*Note - This post may contain passive aggressive snarkyness, thinly veiled digs and is DEFINITELY me becoming one of those idiots who voices my opinion too much - oh well, if you can't beat 'em right?!
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