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5 Simple Ideas To Modernise Your Bedroom

Posted on the 07 January 2021 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
5 Simple Ideas To Modernise Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom space looking a bit dated and old? Looking for a few ideas to improve it? Creating a lovely bedroom space isn’t just about aesthetics, once you’ve given everything a nice revamp, you’ll find it far easier to relax here, and maybe even improve your sleep.

1 . Modern Lighting

One great way to modernise your bedroom is to modernise your lighting fixtures, for example, you might consider cove lighting. This style of lighting is built into the ledges and recesses of ceilings and high walls. Cove lighting offers an ambient and even light, plus an ultra-modern look for any room. Alternatively, you could look into getting a contemporary chandelier, these come in plenty of chic styles, including bowl chandeliers, cluster chandeliers, or rectangular.

2. Mirrored Furniture

To create a super stylish bedroom space, you simply must try mirrored furniture. Not only is mirrored furniture super trendy, but the mirrors can help to make a smaller room feel bigger. For a bedroom space, consider choosing a chest of drawers with a mirror. A mirrored chest of drawers is the perfect elegant furniture piece for any bedroom.

3. Go Minimal

Want to create a beautifully modern bedroom space? Try using minimalism to inspire your interior design work. To create a minimalist bedroom, consider using the following tips:

  • Declutter: Minimalism is all about ‘less is more’ and so it’s important to get rid of the clutter and choose functional objects, with compact storage space. Ensure that you store your personal items away, and leave on display a small number of decorative objects.

  • Colour Schemes: When it comes to minimalism, choose neutral color schemes, focusing on one or two colours only. Popular choices include white, black, beige, or shades of gray.

4. Low-Scale Bed

Low-scale beds are all the rage right now, low to the floor furniture creates an ultra-modern look, plus maximizes space. When you’re creating a minimal bedroom space, it’s best to choose a small amount of furniture items, and focus on the objects that you need. Remember to prioritise eco-friendly items as much as possible, whether it’s sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton, or hemp.

5. Modern Focal Art Piece 

To create a modern bedroom you need a gorgeous contemporary art piece. Go for a big painting if you have the space, to create that beautiful ‘gallery wall’ effect. When you’re shopping for artwork, the following apps can help you to find an affordable and unique piece:

  • Etsy: Etsy Marketplace is a great app to find all types of artwork at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for sculptures, paintings, or digital prints, the search filters make it dead easy to find what you’re looking for.

  • Wyrd: Wyrd is another fab app to find lovely artwork. You can filter by size, style, or price, to find the right fit. Wyrd features artists of all types and talents, so there’s a huge range here.

A beautiful piece of art is the best way to update an old room. With these five ideas you’ll soon have the modern bedroom of your dreams.

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