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50 Shades Of Love

Posted on the 14 February 2015 by Vidyasury @vidyasury

Celebrated on Feb 14 all over the world to express feelings of love, affection, appreciation and friendship, (yep, I received my first V. Day card from a female colleague at work), it is a day often associated with romantic love. And of course, marketers take full advantage of this fact. Cupids, hearts and roses rule the day and couples get into a frenzy over finding the perfect gift.

For my part, I sat down and wrote a list.

50 Shades of Love

  1. Dreaming
  2. Plucking flower petals - will he won't she
  3. Waiting
  4. Freaking out over trivial stuff
  5. Finding it hard to trust - oh, tender love
  6. Needing reassurance
  7. Expecting proof 90% of the time
  8. The telephone is the new BFF
  9. Sudden sartorial elegance - or a version of it
  10. Not seeing flaws
  11. Oblivious to danger
  12. Refusing to differentiate between reality and fantasy
  13. Happily Ever After seems like a real place
  14. Not worried about the price
  15. Ready to travel anywhere even for a short rendezvous with the "sweety".
  16. Talking gibberish ..er.. "love talk"
  17. Intrusion of sloppy words in the vocabulary - baby talk
  18. Emotionally vulnerable
  19. That significant other - always the first priority, even if it is a matter of life and death
  20. Fearless but fearful
  21. Nothing seems impossible
  22. Heightened intuition
  23. Everything is viewed through the eyes of love
  24. Reality is an illusion, most of the time
  25. Only (s)he matters. Everyone comes second
  26. Food is not important, unless you're cooking for her/him
  27. No sacrifice too big for the one you love
  28. Age is a mere number
  29. Conviction that the one you love is perfect
  30. Believing you can't live without her/him
  31. Bringing out the best in each other
  32. The best time of your life
  33. Blind to flaws
  34. Thinking life is a bed of roses
  35. Noticing only the rose not the thorns
  36. Smiling for no reason
  37. Talking to yourself
  38. Enough
  39. All you need
  40. Believing you know what you'll be doing ten years from now
  41. Addictive
  42. Endless with zero boundaries and limits
  43. Infinite patience
  44. Forever
  45. Pure bliss
  46. Romantic love letters

Is that a good list for 50 shades of love? What did I leave out?

And since I mentioned love letters at no.50 - I've got a lovely infographic to share with you - "Romantic love letter - What you should know" that will be useful long after Valentine's Day is gone.

So get off that digital device, take a paper and pen and get started with your love letter!

50 Shades Of LoveAgain, Happy Valentine's Day! Say I love You to everyone you care about! ♥

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