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6 ‘Lucky Charms’ to Reassure Children at School

Posted on the 28 November 2022 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
6 ‘Lucky Charms’ to Reassure Children at School

It has been estimated that between four and seven per cent of young children will experience some form of separation anxiety when heading off to school. Of course, some experience worse symptoms than others. While the majority will overcome this sensation once they become acclimated to a new environment, there are still plenty of ways in which parents can help to ease the transition. Let us take a look at six "lucky charms" to your little one that you are never far away.

A Homemade Bracelet

Wearable trinkets such as bracelets and necklaces can go a long way towards reminding they are on your mind. These can even be personalised through the use of a birthstone or a sentimental engraving.

A Quick Note Within a Lunchbox

This is arguably the simplest approach and yet, it can work wonders. A quick note placed within a lunchbox or a bagged lunch will undoubtedly cause your child to smile. Words of encouragement such as "good luck on the test" or "see you soon" can likewise represent a powerful means of positive reinforcement.

Bring Along a Stuffed Animal 

As the writers at Parents.com observe, children will often develop an attachment to a favorite toy or stuffed animal. When possible, allow your child to bring such objects to school until they become better adjusted. As these items can also encourage interactions with other classmates, they can be excellent ways to break the ice.

Encourage Them to Create Short Journal Entries

This next suggestion involves the psychological aspect of parental attachment. Children can write letters to their parents when they have a bit of free time. This enables them to tell a story while subconsciously reinforcing the fact that that they are still loved even while away from home.

Note that parents can likewise record these entries into Educater pupil tracking software; providing a valuable means to appreciate how children react to specific subjects and situations.

Create a Small Locket

Why not instead purchase a small locket that can be adorned with a picture of one of both parents? This type of keepsake is a nice visual aid and might even serve as a nostalgic heirloom as the child grows into adolescence.

Imbue a Small Strip of Fabric with a Scent from Home

This final recommendation is slightly innovative and yet, it can still provide tangible results. Children will often associate smells with memories. It could therefore be a good idea to coat a small piece of fabric with scents from home. Parents could even choose to place a small amount of perfume or cologne upon this cloth.

Children who are reassured that their parents still care about them even while away from home will perform better and ultimately, they are more likely to positively adjust to educational settings. Feel free to experiment with each of the tips and tricks outlined above. There is no doubt that you will be impressed with the results!

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