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6 Reasons Why We Should Write Product Reviews

Posted on the 02 October 2021 by Chetan @smilingchetan

Let Us All Write Genuine Product Reviews and Create Reliable Online Community

6 Reasons Why We Should Write Product Reviews

Last night it was my turn to cook. But, I convinced my wife and ordered online. My ploy of telling that she needed to buy new clothes worked, and she agreed to get a delivery.

While we waited for food, we searched for brands and discount deals for our upcoming shopping spree.

Restaurants delivered our pizza and burger on time. Yes, we ordered it from two different places. Burger was satisfying, but pizza was awful. It was too peppery. Even eating a slice was difficult. With a burning mouth, I grabbed my phone and rated it as one star.

I felt like — “Let me show you what it means to send appalling pizza.” Delighted, I felt as if I had done something worthwhile that day.

However, burger was filling. It could at least match a four-star meal. It sat quietly in our bellies and haunted us all night — You liked me, but never rated my creator. You are such a hypocrite.

The next morning I thought, why don’t we rate things we like? I mean, we rate inferior products at the very moment, but do not take effort to rate quality products. There could be 2 reasons-

  1. We see no benefit in rating better products — “They do not give us a free burger.” Instead, we prefer to use this time to scroll down on social media.
  2. We dislike pressuring our brains to think and our fingers to type. Opening the application, structuring our opinion, taking cues from other comments, and writing a sentence that makes sense is hell of a task for our tiny brains.

However, we never hesitate to give a critical review. To make the cook, the shopkeeper, the author, the producer, understand — they must improve. This mysterious act of our brain, because of rising frustration, makes us feel powerful. Showing power and digital authority serves our ego, and we are sending the message that your pizza can not mess with us.

But what about the writers, chefs, directors, change makers, store owners who spread happiness with their better products? Do you not want to show your power by spreading happiness and smiles, too? Is it not good for your ego that you, yes, you, with your positive review would put a smile on many faces?

Satisfactory or terrible, why we must write reviews for all we buy?

  1. We are in transition to a digital society. We can only expect a return if we give something back. Reviews are like tax we have to pay to be a good and worthy member of the digital society.
A digital society is a place where our house is made of glass. Everyone can see inside our house — what we do, what alleys we go down at night, who we follow, where we bump our head, and where we blink our eyes.

No one can hide anything, it’s like a marriage. Each of the partners has to give the best, otherwise it won’t work. It will break down and will take us away.

2. Rating system governs the entire digital industry. Imagine you are an author and someone read your book, liked it, but did not rate it. Think of the despair you feel when you don’t see those reviews on Amazon.

Reviews symbolize trust. It creates perception, and customer perception is our only reality. Read it again — customer perception is our only reality, no matter how good or bad our product is.

Online reviews create this perception. They are slowly and steadily replacing the perception that comes from word of mouth.

3. Honest reviews are a sign of sending good vibes and creating goodwill. Imagine doing something charitable, something good for others, helping others. We don’t get such opportunities in life to help and impact lives of so many people.

4. By reviewing products and companies, we create our digital identity. You will miss out big time, if you don’t do this, because only digital identity will matter in the future.

On Amazon, you can become an Amazon Influencer — a sign that people trust your opinion. It’s a sign of integrity, even though it’s designed by some algorithms. People will trust your reviews.

On Google maps, you can become a local guide. Your comments will help people to reach their destination.

5. Writing reviews give a sense of power. We all need some power in our lives. The forms of power vary, but people need that authority to do something on their own. The rating system gives us that power. We better use it before someone takes it away.

6. If you give reviews, then owners, artists, and producers will not give money to get reviews. This way we should be able to curb digital corruption, which will soon be the biggest in the coming times.

It is now high time we accept this new reality. Looking at the developments, digital society will thrive in the years to come. We have the power today to shape it as we want. Writing reviews is the easiest we can contribute in this process. The next generation will follow what we setup today as moral conducts of the digital world.

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