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7 Reasons Or Inspirations to Keep Blogging/vlogging | Helpful Things Blogs and Vlogs Can Do

Posted on the 25 May 2020 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
I became a full-time blogger/vlogger recently and man, you'll just really appreciate them more once you are in their shoes already. I even wrote 3 great things why you need to write a few years back (lol). To be honest, it is not that easy, simple, and fun as we thought it will be because we mostly only see the finished products, and obviously, only when it's ready. But once you know the stories and efforts behind those articles and videos, it is a totally different scenario.

7 inspirations to keep blogging or vlogging

7 reasons

I was blessed enough to receive a compliment recently and I suddenly thought, "Why not write something about them to not only keep ME going but keep OTHERS as well energized?". Thus where this blog post idea came from. Well, let's start immediately and not waste time.
1. Inspire others (how ironic, eh?)

inspired to do YouTube

inspired to do YouTube

This is a win-win relationship where both parties inspire each other. Fortunately, this one got the opportunity and guts to voice it out. Not all people will tell it that you actually inspired them. But nonetheless, continue to do what you do and do it not only for them but more importantly for yourself because you want and love what you do. Awwww.. Haha!
2. Share & Learn ideas

exchange of ideas

exchange of ideas

Personally, the simple facts that you are reading my posts and viewing my videos are already a big deal for me. What more when you compliment and even share your insights with them, they are already bonuses, really. It's not only that I learn more about what I do, but I also learn even more on what I create - validations and corrections whatever they maybe are still learnings after all.
3. Its therapeutic

Hulugan waterfall

check out our therapeutic waterfall experience here

Writing articles and creating videos are continuously evolving.. Some look at it as a different form of freedom of speech, a way of self-expression, an artistic outlet of emotions and ideas, to even the simplest reason of voicing out your personal opinions or whatever they may be.. It all helps us satisfy that urge to let those ideas and feelings out making us feel a bit contented in some ways we never have imagined. You'll most likely relate to this when you already tried blogging or vlogging at least once.

4. Making those memories somehow tangible

one of our Mt. Pamitinan hikes

more of our mountain trips here

I may have already tackled this in my old blog post here (No. 2), but to keep the explanation simpler, with blogging and vlogging, you are preserving your memories somehow in a form you more appreciate - not only in your mind. Whether it may be in writing, pictures, and/or videos, it helps you appreciate more everything around you and what you have in the present or even in the past. And not all people have those precious opportunities, really.
5. Help others

help others

thanks man! that was close (lol)

One of the main purposes I do this is that I wanted to help others in any way I can (as previously written on my "about the blog page" here), well, besides sharing the things I really like. I actually started writing about the businesses and professional services of my friends and family which later on grew where I now create videos about these blog posts too here on my YouTube channel.
I am genuinely happy where I contribute something nice to them and see them grow even with the little things I can do for them. I never would have imagined that this past time activity of mine years ago will. later on. be the main thing I would be doing now. It seems making my time productive as much as possible then is bearing fruits right now.
6. Earn extra money

earn extra money thru blogging and vlogging

same photo I used on earning the $73 profit in one blogging day

I always tell many people that if they would like to earn money by blogging or vlogging, don't focus too much on it. Though I still stand by this belief because you will be struggling and pressured too much by trying too hard which may lead you to burn out. But if this will be the full-time work then it changes some things. Sometimes, a little pressure is all we need to get some things going. For better reference, you can check my other posts related to this:
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7. Transform it into a business

turn your blog and/or vlog into a business

turn your blog and/or vlog into a business

Once you monetize these platforms, you may now start to think further. There are a lot of blogs and vlogs earning a lot of money if you use them wisely (and in different ways too). Though investing a lot maybe required, just make sure you are optimizing everything you do with caution. Thanks to the show Shark Tank which boosts my interest in making my platforms better from time to time (especially when new episodes come out), it keeps me going and push me to do better every-single-day. As per Mark Cuban's famous question goes, "What's your daily grind"?, How about you, what's yours?
As making this your own livelihood is one of the best things to achieve right now, it does not promise that it will go easy from then on. And as I always use my favorite "Tangled movie line", once you achieve one dream, the next step after that is finding another one. Let's all do that people. Out.

7 reasons or inspirations to keep blogging/vlogging | Helpful things blogs and vlogs can do7 reasons or inspirations to keep blogging/vlogging | Helpful things blogs and vlogs can do7 reasons or inspirations to keep blogging/vlogging | Helpful things blogs and vlogs can do

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