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8 Reasons To Be Excited It's Back To School Time

Posted on the 17 August 2012 by Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
8 Reasons To Be Excited It's Back To School Time
It's mid-August and that means 'Back To School' for most school systems in our country. Kids all over the nation are in a funk and desperately hanging on to those last few days of summer. Parents are ecstatic and throwing 'Back To School' parties! Here are 8 reasons to join in the excitement:
1.  We get to play the 'how many times will this bus stop to pick up kids while I am late for work' game.
2.  Who doesn't love school supply shopping at the last minute along with 1,000 other people at your local Walmart?
3.  Free child-care from 8am to 3pm for most of us!
4.  Stay-at-home moms are finally getting a little break.
5.  Love helping kids do their homework that even I can't figure out. Didn't I do this stuff when I was young?
6.  PTA Fundraising! I can't wait to donate all my free time!
7.  Meeting new moms who think their kids are so much smarter than average.
And the number 8 reason to get excited about Back To School Time? You are one more year closer to having your kids move out!
photo credit: OZinOH via photo pin cc

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