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A Cheeky Haul

Posted on the 11 August 2014 by Violetdaffodils
A Cheeky HaulA Cheeky HaulA Cheeky HaulA Cheeky HaulA Cheeky HaulHello lovelies!Last weekend before work I did a solo mish into town and ended up coming home with a big bag of goodies so I thought I would just go through what I've bought for you all. I know some of these products are old news and I'm behind with the hype for a lot of these products so some of these you may already know about but I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on them. Originally I was going to attempt a haul video for this but it was horrendous! Maybe one day they'll be a haul for you but for now here's to happy reading! Enjoy!
BenefitFirst up is a couple of things from Benefit. I don't usually go here ("she doesn't even go here!") for make up and beauty products usually, I'll get the odd thing but I thought I'd go all out. Originally I was only after a highlighter so I had a squire and came across the Watts Up highlighter. First up can I just say: "Wow!" I absolutely love this! I noticed a real difference in my 'makeup face' when using this, it just makes my complexion look so healthy and it comes with a little blender too which is really handy and I think the packaging is lovely as well :)
When I was at the counter they had a deal on which was if you bought 2 products you got 10% off so I was suggested the Rockateur blusher so I thought I'd give it a try. The guy who served me demonstrated it on my cheeks and I was happy with the result and when I've used it myself I like the subtle defined effect it has on my cheek bones. I also went and got the They're Real mascara which I've used before so I know it's a good'un and then bought the new eye liner after reading positive reviews about it. I've always been unsure with what eyeliners are best, I'd usually get the odd Rimmel one but was never that excited by them, but this Benefit one works wonders! The staying power is amazing! Can't wait to use it more :)
And lastly from Benefit is the Erase Paste. I get really bad dark circles under my eyes so whilst I was on a roll I thought I might as well give this one a try as well and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, it was better than I had predicted so it proved me very wrong! Erase Paste-1, Kate-0.
Yankee Candle
This is probably the shortest part of this post. I saw these in Clintons a few weeks ago and thought it was a clever idea. I hesitated buying any as I actually have never used a Yankee candle (or any scented candle) before (shocking I know!) due to some of the scents giving me a headache but I thought my beloved blue baby (aka. my car) could do with a little something-something so I thought I'd give it a go. As I didn't want anything too strongly scented I decided to opt for the Sun and Sand one which smells lovely and beachy without burning your nostrils whilst you drive haha!
Hair Care/Sea Salt Spray
This has been a must have for a long long time as some days my hair goes too straight when I prefer it messy and needed a good texturising sea salt spray to sort this problem out. I've seen all over the place about sea salt spray but I didn't fancy the idea of purchasing expensive ones as I didn't even know where to look. I ended up getting a hold of the Bumble and Bumble one (dark bottle) which I was going to originally buy on its own but I decided to treat myself and buy the cute little set of 3. This one was quite good, the effects weren't fantastic but it does the job and it smells really nice too. I also went for Schwarzkopf Got 2 Be and was basically sold by the fact it said "mermaid look" because c'mon! Who doesn't want mermaid hair?! Unfortunately I was really unimpressed by this one as instead of "mermaid look" it gave me "wet hair look" which just made it look flat and not voluminous like I wanted.
Lastly for the sea salt sprays was the Urban Fudge which comes in a really garish bottle but I suppose it makes it easy to find and stands out on the shelves, anyway I have used this already and it works so well! I used it on my hair before a night out and it lasted all night which was ideal, also it smells of coconut which was a pleasant surprise as well.
Following on from this I was also after some good hair products to apply to the ends of my hair where the dipdye is as bleaching causes damage which delays hair growth. I was intrigued by the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco and Nourishing Coconut Milk as first of all the packaging was very appealing and mainly because I've read around and noticed that it is good for split ends and helping hair growth which was what I was wanting it for so I thought I'd buy them, try them on the ends of my hair and see if it makes a difference. As well as this, I bought the PRO: VOKE: Touch of Silver conditioner. Before my last holiday I was recommended this brand by my friend Amelia. At the time I was wanting to find a lightening product to get rid of the brassiness that comes with dip-dying my hair and she suggested the Brightening Shampoo which I bought, used and it made my hair the exact shade I wanted in time for my graduation! The only downside I found was that even after using my usual conditioner, the ends still felt a bit dry so I decided to go back to this brand and try out the conditioner as well and this has worked really well too and gives my hair volume.
First up is the new Kate Moss mascara, I love the Kate Moss range anyway so I thought I'd just try this out, I'm a bit uneasy about the wand as I don't usually like that style of wand but I will persevere and see what the effects are.
One of my main missions was involving the lipsticks. When I'm shopping for lipsticks, I only ever go to Rimmel's Kate Moss range (slightly biased as we share the same first name :p ) as I love them for the texture of them, cute packaging and the gorgeous colours. However they have recently changed up the range to different colours so I was trying to find ones similar to the previous sets. I usually buy number '16' so since it is not there anymore I went for a similar shade which is number '28' (far right). Another similar color was from a different collection which is the Moisture Renew lipsticks and I went for '130- Oxford Street Fushia' which is a lovely color (far left). My biggest lipstick woe was again another Kate Moss lipstick which was number '12' and was a light reddy/orange color which I LOVED as I find red and darker red lips make me look like a drag queen (attractive) where as the number 12 was more flattering but they don't have them anywhere! I have searched in other stores and other high street shops and it is nowhere to be seen! I ended up having to decide to put a swatch of it on my hand whilst in the shop and rummage around the different make up ranges looking for a similar match and funnily enough came back to Rimmel for one and again this was from the Moisture Renew range and is '660-In Love With Ginger' so all was not lost!
Fancy Purchase
Lastly the Remington Silk Curling Wand was my main purchase of the day. I have been after a new curler for ages as the one I have I'm sure has been used since I did dance classes which was from the ages of 5-15, although it does the job, you can imagine how claggy and tatty it is but I had put it to one side until I had seen one that really stood out to me. When I was in Leeds earlier this year I have a friend who is a hairdresser and she used this brand and the effect looked amazing! I kept it in the back of my mind but then I saw a few reviews saying how good it was and when I was in Boots the price was reduced as well so I felt it was time to finally through out the old wand and bring on the new curly hair! I've used it and the effect looks wonderful! I'm really impressed with this curler and once the curls have eventually come out, it leaves a really flattering wave in your hair which lasts for at least 2 days, love it! So pleased with this purchase :DA Cheeky Haul
There we have it! I hope you liked reading this new post as I haven't done one like this before, also I've enclosed a little screenshot from the video that didn't make it so we can all have a laugh at how awkward I look ;) Also let me know in the comments:
1) What new things you have bought recently? & 2) Have you tried any of these products?
Did you like them? I'd love to know your thoughts :D

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