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A Couple of My Memory Recover Techniques...

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet
In a discussion at the Above Top Secret forum, I was reminded of my two favorite ways to recover memories from "the other side of life". I thought it would help others if I shared. I've always liked a technique that I refer to as bouncing for memory recall. It's based on the fact that although experiences such as, oh, going to the store are personal for an altar, data collected is not and goes into this collective knowledge pool that all can access. Thus my first few months at Fort Polk I knew the way to a certain building in the ops 4 training area that I had never been to before, even better than my husband who was there frequently. I knew the side road he doubted. So when you're talking to someone else and are put in situations where you need to access that information - like that day driving down the back road - you can. It just comes to you. And it's a pretty reliable method so far, I've found, better than anything I've ever done. The problem is finding people to do it with you, because you need some sort of equal interaction. Although me just driving randomly in the back roads might have triggered the information, it's hard to tell. You may miss it. You may never access it because you're not defending your stance, connecting with another human, etc. You need someone to be a sounding board, someone to "bounce" the knowledge off of. Hence, bouncing... I've been doing bouncing since I was a young adult, something like over 20 years ago or so. =^-^= I see my method starting to get used a little here and there. But even with that you have to be careful. You can't sit and be talking about a mutual mission, for example, and expect the information coming out not to be fake memories or traps. And the people who are trying the technique now leave so many aspects out. I wince when I watch them. It almost hurts. Self hypnosis has also been recommended. A simple self hypnosis technique I sometimes do is to drive my car long distances alone. I used to work in a job that had me driving a lot so it was easy. I managed to recover a self-containing nuclear power plan out of my head that way once. I thought it was thermal power until I looked it up. Interesting confirmation, that sort of technical thing. Couldn't fake THAT. If you relate, then we can chat.

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