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A Cup of Tea Zen Mindfulness Meditation

Posted on the 26 February 2020 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
A cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation

After coffee meditation, it is only fair that we follow a cup of tea meditation. This Zen mindfulness meditation is easy to do and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

My Mom and I often practiced this when she was alive and today, I still enjoy this experience.

I like to see the cup of tea Zen mindfulness meditation as a soothing ritual and also aromatherapy, considering its wonderful aroma. And you know enjoying a simple cup of tea with intention and awareness is an excellent mindfulness exercise.

Without further ado, let's begin the cup of tea meditation.

This Zen mindfulness meditation is all about making the tea and enjoying it.

Best time to do: before bedtime

I am not saying drink a cup of tea to stay awake - there are some amazing herbal caffeine-free teas that calm you and result in a restful sleep. Chamomile is one I love and it brings a lot of health benefits-you choose what you like.

Now, let's do it.

Cup of tea Zen mindfulness meditation

What you need:

  • Your favorite mug
  • Your favorite tea bag
  • Boiling water to steep the tea bag
  • Your presence
A cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation A cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation

How to practice a cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation

  1. In your favorite mug, place a tea bag. Set the water to boil.
  2. Look at your mug. Appreciate it. Why is it your favorite mug? Is it the color, the size, the pattern on it, its shape or the way it snugly sits in your hand? Maybe someone close to you gifted it to you? What is the mug made of? Is it ceramic? Metal?
  3. Now look at the tea bag. What is in it? What is the flavor? Think about who came up with the recipe and packed it into that bag, wrapped it, sent it out to the store where you chose it.
  4. Consider the importance of the tea bag, the mug and the water. You need all three to prepare your cup of tea. Think about how things in life rely on other things to be enjoyable, useful.
  5. When the water is ready, gently pour it into your mug. Pay attention to the sound of the water as it hits the bottom of the mug and the difference when it hits the tea bag. The sound changes as it fills your mug.
  6. Watch the steam rising off the surface of the water in your mug.
  7. As your tea steeps, lean into the steam and feel the damp warmth and inhale the aroma. Initially it is mild, but as the tea bag infuses into the water, the steam begins to smell stronger.A cup of tea zen mindfulness meditationA cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation
  8. Take a few deep breaths slowly through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth.
  9. Hold the mug in your hands, feel the heat but don't scorch your hands.
  10. As you move the mug, watch the steam move with the shift in air pressure.
  11. When the tea is exactly as you like it, remove the tea bag from the mug. Can you feel the heat as your fingers come close to the hot water to remove the tea bag? Observe your hands and fingers as you remove the tea bag carefully.
  12. Settle down in a comfortable chair by your bed with your tea.
  13. When it has cooled just enough to drink, bring it to your lips. Notice how your mouth becomes ready to sip from the tip of the mug, how it braces itself for the hot liquid.
  14. How is your breathing? Are you a little tense, in anticipation of the tea being too hot? Just relax any part of your face or body that feel tense.
  15. Now, take a sip. How does it taste? Can you describe the flavors?
  16. Be alert to each sensation as you enjoy your tea. Pay attention to your thoughts.
  17. Be present in the moment. Are you aware of how fascinating and fulfilling life can be when you focus on every moment? Does it feel as though time has slowed down and expanded? It will, if you allow it to. Let the memory of the tea's aroma, the steam's heat and the joy of drinking the tea transport you into a blessed, calm and restful sleep.

Did you enjoy that?

Do try it and let me know.

I'd say that even if you don't do it at bedtime, set aside some time to enjoy your cup of tea Zen mindfulness meditation late in the evening, quietly. If you want to be truly happy, practice being present in the moment.

A cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation A cup of tea zen mindfulness meditation

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