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A Fine Day at the Redneck Castle…

Posted on the 07 May 2011 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Well today is my one day off for the next 6 days…

It is Mother’s Day weekend and we are always crazy busy, so I volunteer to work on Saturday. I had Wednesday and Friday off this week instead…Wednesday my honey was here, so I didn’t do any work around the house, obviously, though I made him do some on Thursday, heheheh… he is handy, it’s good!!

So today, I had a crazy ass day. First off I had a doctors appointment this morning. I HATE going to the doctors office. I hate sitting in the waiting room waiting. People are sick, and nasty. I might have been one of them today. I am snotty and coughing up a lung. Luckily I got in nearly as soon as I sat down, you could feel the knives in my back as I walked out of the waiting room, there were about 30 people that were there when I walked in and then sat down for 4 seconds…hahahahha. Little did they know they would have hated me more if I had sat there for ten minutes and then started with the coughing…I did them a favor.  I also had the forethought to make my appointment right before lunch. You know you are gonna get in when you should, because the doc has to eat :) at least that is my theory, if I am wrong keep it to yourself, it’s working for me.

I then had an appointment with my Real Estate agent, who’s birthday it is today, Happy Birthday Anita!!! So house is relisted, price has been lowered a little…

Wanna buy a house Castle? Seriously, it used to have a moat…I got that fixed.A fine day at the Redneck Castle…

Sorry…I get easily sidetracked.

So when I got home, I somehow fluked out and actually got some good weather.

Outside I raced.

I had a plan or two.

The one thing I really would change about my house if I could, would be the garage. It is ugly and I look out on it from my kitchen window. I would have liked to just ripped it off the house and build a big shop out the back of the property. Alas, I haven’t got buckets of money or any way to get that done.

A fine day at the Redneck Castle…So instead of that, I make due. Every year I put some herbs and flowers out the window, to block the ugly roof and for easy access to the mint for the upcoming Mojito season. This year I put some chives out there too, and I think I will buy an oregano and put it in a pot, since mine died in the garden this year.

Once everything starts to fill in it will be beautiful!!

I also got some stuff moved around in the flower garden, I had a huge Rosemary plant that had seen better days, and it was really lopsided and ugly, as last year my Crocosmia sort of pushed it out of the way, there was an ugly heather there too that I have always hated, for some reason I kill heather, go figure… so I ripped them out.

I had a beautiful lavender in the back forty that wasn’t getting enough sun, so I moved that into the spot where the other two were, and filled upA fine day at the Redneck Castle… the hole with enough room left for it to grow. This year my wisteria is going to bloom for the first time since I have lived here, I am pretty excited about that!!

It was getting kind of windy at this point, and seriously, I was thankful that the yard was wet from all the rain we have had, I just couldn’t muster up the energy to get the lawn mowed today.

My windows were embarrassingly dirty though. I had enough Windex Outdoor left, to hook it up to the hose and get the windows washed. Finally. They were really really bad… while I was washing the windows, I realized how badly I need to paint the house. My OCD was on high today. Thankfully it really started to rain, so I gave up outside and came in.

A fine day at the Redneck Castle…When I was getting the kitchen window all set up, I came through the house, in my shoes, with dirt… and had to climb out the dining room window to put everything on the roof…yes, I have to climb through the window, stop laughing. There is no record of this anywhere in the world. It is a gong show you will never get to witness. I promise.

I digress…my house, is you guessed it, now dirty.

Well it was before, the hairballs were nearly the size of the dog…I needed to vacuum anyways.

So if you wanna buy the Castle, now is the perfect time. It’s clean and planted, hell I will throw in the plants for free, seriously. I will.

I will even make you dinner, we have some left over…want a ceaser with that? I have one of those too…

It’s going to be a long week, it is the last time I will offer.

Have a happy Weekend folks…

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