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A Letter to My Son with Autism

Posted on the 26 October 2016 by Somkritya @somkritya

Do read this Beautiful heart touching letter from a Mother to her Son with Autism.

A Letter to my Son with AutismClouds n Rainbows

Dear son, You were diagnosed with autism when you were four years old. I didn’t know what this meant for you, for us. I was devastated, terrified, relieved, and hopeful, all at once. At least, now we knew why you were having the difficulties you were having and could give you the support you needed. The doctor told us that autism was a life-long condition that had no cure, but there were some things we could do to help you. So it began, years of intensive behavior therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. You went through hell in the beginning. You wondered why we were putting you through what we were putting you through. You felt hurt, betrayed, lost, and confused. I questioned everything we were doing for you. Were we doing the right thing? Were we helping you or harming you? Was this worth the pain you were…

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