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A Magic Monday at The Cosy Club

Posted on the 09 March 2019 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
You will all know if you've followed me for the past year that Monday's are my favorite. Since dropping my hours it has literally revolutionised my work/life balance and I'm so thankful I made that choice. My husband and I dubbed it a Magic Monday as both children are at school/nursery and we get to be us for a few hours.
On Monday, we decided to head to Norwich for a mooch around the shops and basically coffee shop hop! It's something we used to do all the time when we were first dating - finding random spots to people watch, chat, daydream and of course, drink coffee (although back then it was pots of tea, I think becoming parents hardened us!).
A Magic Monday at The Cosy Club
Our first stop was Norwich Cathedral, which is truly stunning. I'm not religious, but I certainly appreciate religious places as they always bring me a sense of calm. Norwich Cathedral is beautifully kept, they had the perfect blend of old and new, where they work in harmony to bring out each other's best bits - you will know what I mean if you've ever visited.
A Magic Monday at The Cosy Club
A Magic Monday at The Cosy Club
We had a little walk around before heading to the cafe there - an old favorite of ours. We started our day with a little coffee and a trip down memory lane.
After this, we continued to head into town when we saw something I had been obsessing over on Instagram - The Cosy Club! We were both hungry and decided to stop and have an early lunch.  Situated on London Road - the old Natwest Bank, the Cosy Club is quite blended in and looks nothing out of the ordinary - but when you step in its actually quite breathtaking. The quirky interior is balanced with 30's architecture and it makes for the perfect setting - I can imagine it to be quite wonderful at night (sipping on a huge range of their cocktails! - I can see a date night approaching soon!). We chose to go for their version of Tapas so we could get a feel for their menu and it certainly didn't disappoint. We were both pleasantly pleased and enjoyed every single mouthful!
A Magic Monday at The Cosy Club
The service was great and there was a really nice atmosphere - very relaxed - although not as cosy as the name entails - the main dining area is bright and open with so many quirky corners. I found my eyes wandering around the incredible decor. A really lovely feature is that some on the elements of the old bank still remain - like the vault!
The rest of the afternoon was spent mooching around the shops. Jamie getting excited when he finally found a watch  (he’s so fussy) and I got treated to some perfume too! However, it wasn’t long before we had to put our parent hats back on ready for the school run.
I don’t think I will ever get tiered of a magic Monday’s - I definitely think everyone should have their own day just for them - completely life changing!
K Elizabeth xoxox

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