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A Magical February Adventure

Posted on the 10 February 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
I've always dreamt of visiting America ever since I was a little girl. I was obsessed with how the American schools looked on television, with TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer being my absolute favorite things to watch. I love the way the traditional looking American houses look and even the way the streets look in America. I've never set foot in America, but somehow I feel a slight connection to America. 
A Magical February Adventure
I knew that I'd visit America one day, but I didn't expect it to be anytime soon. However, in just 7 days time, on the 17th February, we will be getting on an airplane and flying to the US! (Which in itself feels pretty surreal to say!). We're heading straight to Orlando international airport in Florida, to go and spend seven magical days in the dream world that is Walt Disney World! 
I've obviously never been to Disney World before and I've never visited Disneyland in Paris either. Growing up, my Mum raised me and my brother on her own before she met my step-dad when I was 9, so we never had any money for holidays. Let alone to go somewhere as magical as Walt Disney World. 
Adam has been before as a child and he's looking forward to going back and seeing how things have changed and of course, he's VERY excited to visit all of the Star Wars attractions! We're also taking his Mum (the boys' Grandma) with us and she's just as excited as we are! I always loved the Disney films as a child, as I'm sure is the same for most people. There's something so utterly magical about them, something so captivating, I almost feel like when I watch them I escape in to another world the entire length of the film. We've been watching them again lately via our Disney Life subscription and it's so lovely to see Ethan captivated by them just as much as we were as children and still are as adults. I know that going to Disney World is going to be like stepping in to a magical dream world and I think it's one of those holidays that is going to live with us forever.
I've been doing as much research and planning as I can in the spare time I get to make sure that we make the most of our time at Disney. I've been really enjoying watching Disney vlogs on YouTube - there's so much passion for all things Disney all over the Internet and it all adds to making us feel even more excited to go! We've also been loving the My Disney Experience app - it's absolutely amazing for planning your Disney itinerary - what rides you want to go on, what shows you'd like to see, where you want to eat, etc. You can set it all up so it's all in one place, you can make reservations, you can invite the people traveling with you to it so that you can make reservations together. You can see all of your hotel/ticket details, book your Fastpass+'s. It's absolutely full of everything you need for your Disney World trip - It's such an amazing app by Disney! 
I've been shopping to pick up some new clothes for the boys to wear at Disney - I found so many Disney related clothes, it was so hard not to buy them all! I even got myself a little Disney t-shirt. 
We're so so so excited and can't believe it's only a week away now! I think we may possibly burst with excitement! Ethan is ultra excited to go on the airplane, as he's obsessed with them! He knows that we're going to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse the other end, but I really don't think he knows just how magical this is going to be for him! I'm so excited for Logan too, I initially thought that Logan would probably be too young for Disney World but then when I looked in to it, I saw there was SO much for him there and that Disney really caters to young babies and children. They also seem to really understand the needs/concerns of parents with young babies and so I know that we are going to have such a wonderful, utterly magical time! 
We just can't wait to go and make some magical family memories! 
A Magical February Adventure
Magical February Adventure 

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