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A Person I Can Tell Everything to

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Mommynimfa @wazzuridea
Day 59: one person you can tell everything to. 
I was born under the Cancer zodiac so people often share their thoughts with me including their secrets even if I'm not forcing them to. Maybe that's not the case for everybody who's born under the same zodiac but as for me, I have a bunch of friends and family members who confide to me. They went like "Uy, wag kang maingay ah and the story goes on. But as much as they want to tell me every single detail of the story, I'm someone who's careful about the words I say. I choose who to confide to base on my instinct. I just have a few close friends I trust when it comes to sharing my stories. But there's one who stand out and know almost everything about me. He's no other than my husband.
A Person I Can Tell Everything toThis picture was taken two years ago & was edited by our close friend Sharie lolzHe knows my deepest, darkest secrets. I tell him when I'm mad at him. I love talking to him during bedtime and we end up laughing like there is no tomorrow. He knows if I get jealous or if I'm down because I tell it to him straight in the face. But most of all, I tell him what I want for the future. Being naturally shy, I find it awkward to share my dreams to people. In fact, my parents did not know about what I really want. It's him who knows all of them and it's him I want to share them with. 

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