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A Window Seat!

Posted on the 09 February 2014 by Rharikrishna25 @Hari_raghu
Have you ever traveled in a bus or a train on a cool day sitting alone near the window seat? Put away your cell phones, MP3 players, the books and the thoughts. Definitely not with people who will talk and indulge you in conversation with them. 

I have made one even yesterday. I make such journeys everyday except for the fact that the cool weather eludes Chennai most of the year. I already have a blog powered or what they say so, by Blogger. I post funny, catchy statuses in Facebook which sometimes don’t get attention or to say, I fail miserably in catching attention. I tweet so-called hilarious ones which is again found by none as hilarious. I write answers rarely in Quora only to check my credits or stats. So why suddenly a post after a long absence? 
Like those lonely window journeys, I wish to make lonely journeys here in the powerful internet. A place where I can write anything without worrying about what others have to tell about me. Everyone always has some thing to tell others. I wish I had a place where I can write and leave and return again only to pour in my thoughts and not for checking the read counts or comments. 
I needed a place where I can write complex sentences or grammatically incorrect sentences without having others to spot out that without reading the content I have written. I wish I had a place where only I and myself can view and write. 
I needed a place to break down and cry, boost up and inspire, get happy and laugh. I needed a place to say that I need lonely journeys at times and I needed some change. 
I hope I had a place like that.
Sometimes all that is there for you is you and you alone.

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