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AAZC 2022 A – Aboorva Ragangal

Posted on the 01 April 2022 by Kaushikgov @kaushikgov

Aboorva Raagangal

Well, what a good movie to start with! (Symbolic; for me to start with the AAZC 2022, and this movie being the first of Superstar Rajinikanth, for those who haven’t known the fact)

Aboorva Raagangal (Rare Ragams; It’s quite difficult to translate Ragam into English. Here’s the Wikipedia description of Ragam) (This particular fact is also used in the 100th movie of Rajinikanth – Sri Raghavendrar, which by itself deserves a seperate post, and that’s for another day!)

Aboorva Raagangal, directed by the legendary K Balachander, is one of my all time favorite movie. The script, screenplay, actors, music, and all the other factors amalgamate well, to form this masterpiece.

The synopsis of the movie goes as : A single mother (MKB, played by Srividya), who is a musician, has strained relationship with her daughter (Ranjani, played by Jayasudha). On the other hand, there’s a single father (Mahendran, played by Major Sundarajan) having conflicts with his only son (Prasanna, played by Kamal Hassan). A tale of errors happen, with destiny playing its game. Meanwhile MKB’s lover, Pandiyan (played by Rajinikanth) enters into the dock, distorting the sail!

I had already blogged (in my former blogging site) about my views on this movie early. The link to which is

Movie making, when done with absolute passion, begets gems such as Aboorva Raagangal. K Balachander infuses societal complexities with ease into his movies, which makes the movie watching experience, an absolute pleasure. The same can be said about the other movies directed by him.

This movie meant to be a ‘landmark’ for the artistes in it and a great stepping stone for Rajinikanth, who never had to look back starting from here. The movie is also a great landmark in the history of Tamil cinema!

Thus, let me conclude this short post on one of my favorite movie and get back with an another for tomorrow’s post.

God Bless

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