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AAZC 2022 C – Chandramukhi

Posted on the 22 July 2022 by Kaushikgov @kaushikgov

Chandramukhi –

Chandramukhi is a perfect example of a ‘masala’ movie, which has elements of stardom, fandom, drama, comedy, fun, music, thrill, myth, suspense, and some out-of-world-sense! A perfect get away, where one could lose from the ramblings of the world and immerse into a fantasy!

Often I’ve read and heard movie ‘reviwers’ that logic isn’t included in movies. Aren’t movies supposed to not be so?! Not every movie is meant to be a documentary film portraying true events with scientific accuracy. There are movies which take us away from reality, for a while, with some not very exaggerated logic/suspense, yet keeps us engaged in a simple manner. Chandramukhi was intended to be one such movie and it indeed succeeded in being so!

The plot of the movie is quite simple – a ghost occupies the mind of a woman and creates havoc. And comes our savior who saves the day! All this said with drama, music, and colours! And of course a good dose of suspense too!

The movie is the remake of a Malayalam movie, which was also remade in Kannada too earlier, with suitable modifications to the respective tastes of the states.

This has been one of my favorite movie, which can be occasionally watched. I can still remember watching the movie in Satyam with family. It’s no exaggeration to say, this movie attained an iconic status, with it being the favorite movie of many!

God Bless

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