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AAZC 2022 D – (the) Devil Wears Prada

Posted on the 23 July 2022 by Kaushikgov @kaushikgov

The Devil wears Prada –

Ah! One my favorite movies in the list which I prepared to post! And had been waiting to post about!

I hadn’t and still haven’t read the novel based on which the movie had been made, though watched the movie several times. I’d say this is my comfort movie. When bored or something, I’d search for some scenes of this movie in YouTube and spend the time watching it. Well, my favorite color has been ‘cerulean’ since watching this movie! Oh, for the uninitiated, Miranda Priestley gives a monolog on cerulean.

Miranda Priestley, a tough task master (assumingly, the ‘devil’ in the devil wears prada) is the chief editor of Runway, a popular fashion magazine. Andrea Sachs gets recruited as the second personal assistant of the devil and movie revolves around them, with a marvelous cast abounding around!

What makes the movie seem great, in my opinion, is the way the character arc is portrayed. There are multiple shades of every character, in here, and they get into our mind, with ease. (Probably the effect of me watching it several times!) In spite of these, the story doesn’t get deep into the lives of the people in it, showing just the outer, glamourous facade, albeit a beautiful one.

Thus saying, I’d always suggest this movie, to anyone who haven’t watched it. And also to someone who wishes to re-watch any movie!

More to come! Tight schedules and work demands have pushed the April Challenge right into August! Yet, would strive to complete the A to Z Challenge!

God Bless

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