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Adinin Group of Companies Day-to-Day Working Experience Day 1-2

Posted on the 04 January 2012 by Onefouronezero @onefouronezero
I should have started blogging this yesterday but my mind didn't click on this because I was too tired. But at least  I only started yesterday so why not brief or story everything from Day 1 (yesterday) to Day 2 (today).
Day 1
I came to work late yesterday as I had to go to school to get my leave form because I want to further my studies at Laksamana College of Business. That wasn't the only reason why I came to work late. I was called to setup the assembly at the hall. I did as I was told but the rest, I leave to the prefects as I want to know how they work without my assistance. So I sat among the crowd. The assembly was really long. It lasted for almost an hour.
Anyway, I reached work at 9am and I really hate getting to work late. It's just not me. I always push my family to go early and they never do. Always taking their sweet time. I went into the main office and was looking for the person who contacted me (and I'll just call him, Boss). The admin asked me to go to the back. So, I went to the back and went into the Human Resource Management Department and the boss of HRM asked me to go to the next door which is the Trading Department. I went in and was asked to go to the end. There, my boss was sitting doing his work. Here's all that he told me.
"Hello Edwin. Welcome to Adinin and Son Trading Company. I'm (Boss), Senior Executive Manager of Marketing and Sales Department. Here you will learn all there is about marketing and sales. Now marketing and sales are totally two different things. However, they are related. Marketing is more on promoting and advertising your product. Sales is obviously selling your product."
And it continues with the last part.
"Edwin. Just a word of notice. In this company, there are rules and regulations, otherwise procedures to be followed. No matter who you are, whether you know the Chairman or the MD or me, I don't care. You still need to follow our procedures. Understand? Good! You will start working today."
So off I went to sit with an Indian colleague by the name Pragati. I sat with him and he was just looking up on the internet for a number of government address and contact number as he would like to promote the company's product.
The company's product consist of only two; fencing and painting. The fencing comes from Belgium by the brand BetaFence and the painting is from Singapore and is named Berger. They are both one of the best quality of it's kind.
There was actually a meeting scheduled in the afternoon at 1.30pm. So I went home first to have lunch and was waiting until I fall asleep. I quickly get up and message Pragati and asked if I need to go back to work. He said no need and asked me to just stay at home. So I ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. And I felt that something has gone wrong. Find out in Day 2.
Day 2
Today, I went to school again, this time to pass chocolates to my friends who came to my Christmas open house (thanks for coming guys! love y'all), and also to settle a debt. When I was done from there, I went off to work at 7am. I went to the bank to deposit my debt-collected cash and it turns out it doesn't accept the new money yet! So now I'm like a walking bank of my level. Anyway, I managed to arrive work on time at 7.25am. Below is the working hours of Adinin Group of Companies:
Business Hours
Monday to Friday: 0730-1200 and 1300-1630Saturday: 0730-1200
AWE and All Construction Site
Monday to Saturday 0730-1800
Around 10.30am, my boss called me to follow him to two construction project site of the company, Panaga Tennis Court and one of the house in Lumut. Lastly, he brought me to the Adinin Works & Engineering Workshop in Seria. Over there, is a warehouse whereby the company stores all the Berger painting imported from Singapore. Different paint for different purpose and mixture.
On our way to the construction project site, my boss asked me if I went for the meeting yesterday. I said I was at home the whole afternoon because Pragati asked me to wait for his call or message if the meeting is on or not. I told him he didn't keep me up-to-date regarding the meeting nor did he asked me to go back to the office to work. So my boss called the Bandar office to check if he's at there. He wasn't there so my boss called his number. He asked why didn't Pragati bring me to the meeting and why didn't he ask me to go back to the office to work. Pragati said he thought he messaged me and I said he didn't and that's the truth. And wow, my boss went rage within a second when he knew Pragati was telling a lie! After the whole conversation with Pragati, this is what my boss told me:
"This is a lesson to be learnt Edwin. I don't like lies. They are my #1 ENEMY! If people are being honest with me, they would not be in trouble. I'll tell them nicely to not repeat the mistake. But if I have to use my brain to catch people who are lying, they are in trouble! Simple thing also cannot do. I as a boss will not restrict my people from doing anything. I let them do their work as long as it's finish. Other than that after finishing their work, I don't care. But if the work is not finished, they are in trouble."
The rest of the time this afternoon, I was like a lazybum! I honestly had nothing to do so I was on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for 3 hours! But somehow, my boss told me that I will be doing some part of his work on Friday and Saturday as he won't be in. So, I'm on my own for those two days. And I don't know what will tomorrow bring. That is all about my working experience for the first two day. More to come each day.

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