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All Hallow's Eve

Posted on the 30 October 2011 by Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Tonight, I'm going to bed "early." Tomorrow, I'm going to the Village Halloween Parade. But yesterday, yesterday I celebrated Halloween on my own terms. all hallow's eve The day passed peacefully enough--I ate a leisurely breakfast, submitted my first Pravassa blog post, read a new book, and straightened up the apartment. Then, six o'clock hit. Catherine came home with Halloween excitement and the sailor hat she had so graciously picked up for me. We encouraged Dave to figure out a costume, and helped him into character when he did. Wine and beer flowed freely. all hallow's eve I also prepared myself a quick dinner: whipped butternut squash and a spinach and goat cheese omelet. I may have had some candy too, just to be festive.
all hallow's eve Before long, it was time to head downtown to a friend's party. We mingled and danced, chatted and drank, and had an all around good time. These helped:
all hallow's eve Hope you all had a fun weekend as well. And if you too are getting excited for the Foodbuzz Festival, please let me know. I can hardly wait to meet you in San Fran!

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