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All the Stories That a Mansion Hold

Posted on the 10 January 2017 by Shamsud @mysticverse

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Parched in silver dwell in gold, Rubies thrown in and being sold;
Slow baby slow,
There is warmth and cold!
All the stories that a mansion hold
Bugatti and limousines; All in the roll;
Hollywood hunk I am being told;
Slow baby slowly,
Here old is bold;
Antiques permeating,
Color of the season now unfold!
All the stories that a mansion hold
The city changes color - day and night, Somewhere darkness and elsewhere bright!
Some permeating in endless light;
Few holding to their hunger tight!
Few pails of water and some respite!
Slow baby slow,
Do not rush through the night;
Your future is in palpable daylight!
A glance in those intense eyes, your tale untold!
Chinwags are amusement for the old!
All the stories that a mansion hold

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