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Almost There - Just a Little Bit Further!

Posted on the 16 April 2013 by Mavie
What's this? Where are the short stories? I might hear you ask when this article pops up on your screen.
Well, please let me explain. You see, I have reverted my blog back into what it really should be - a blog about my life, a writer living in the Middle East.
Reverting my blog is a result of the major crossroads I'm standing at. At thirty-one years of age, I have to do something constructive with my life. I've waited two long years for my work to be noticed and I don't think I want to wait any longer.
There is a risky road to my right, that calls for me to venture down it's long, winding stretch. Hopefully at the end of that road, I will see my book in print, sitting on a shelf in WHSMITH. But until then, I'm going to experience the e-book phenomenon and see if that takes me anywhere.
The road to my left, is the easiest option. It will lead me to write. Contact established print publishers. Wait and wait some more until I get noticed.
Which road shall I take? The left or the right?
Almost there - just a little bit further!
I'm thinking right. To get somewhere you have to work at it. To struggle. I'm not one of those lucky ones who has it all handed on a plate. My struggle was partially rewarded a couple of months ago when an American e-publishing house picked up one of my short stories - Don't Say the J Word.  Inshallah, by next month this story will be available to purchase on any reading application your device may be equipped with.
Wanting to experience raw hard work myself, I have opted to self-publish I Was Never Alone, Anyway as an e-book. I am currently extending it, making into a full length novel that will be available to purchase online by Autumn 2013.
Look out for my other full length novel titled THE SECRET SAUDI SIGNAL, that will be available in Summer 2013 as an ebook. The story follows Mya, a British born Muslim twenty-something who wakes up on an aeroplane bound for Riyadh.
I'm holding onto my masterpiece, LONDON TO LAHORE as I desperately want this to be in print, something tanglible and solid to hold on to. The story picks up from the teenage years of Sara's life, where find herself involved with a local boy from another school. But what does she do to get taken to live in Lahore? How does she find herself engaged to a Lahori boy with a shamelessly flirtatious father who wants alot more than she can give?
Looking forward to those two books? Then tell me your thoughts. Do you prefer books in print or are e-books better suited to your lifestyle? Don't forget to tell me why.

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