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Posted on the 13 November 2017 by Tlog

She didn’t want to be with me. I am not her type, she said. I was hurt. I didn’t understand. We spend countless moments together. We were so familiar to each other.

I wanted to forget about it. But how was this possible, we had the same friends. We just moved to the place. We couldn’t avoid each other. I realized I had to change my attitude on how to handle this. So I decided to go out there. Looked for someone else to fill the gap. I was seeing girls with no further intent to actually pursue anything afterwards. I thought I could force myself to like someone else. I thought I could just replace her with anyone. I couldn’t. It was just never the same. Nobody could just replace her, she is that special. She was too close to me. What I needed to do is to focus on myself. Not to try and focus on someone else. Someone else who would only fill a gap left by her. I needed to be alone.


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