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Amazon Prime Instant Video, Have You Tried It Yet?

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog

I've had a little bit of rare time to myself tonight and I've actually been able to catch up on a few of my favorite youTubers (which these days just does not happen). I managed to even find some time to have a little youTube browse and just came across a really adorable video where a bunch of kids aged 4-12 years old get the chance to become TV critics. They give their expert opinion on the Amazon Original Kid’s Pilots. The whole video is absolutelyhilarious to watch. 

It then spurred me on to start doing a little research into this Amazon Prime Instant video, as we have prime on Adams Amazon account, and to be honest it seems pretty good.Going back to the video -  Amazon Studios is the new way to commission films and television series, it doesn’t just let us viewers decide what they watch, it lets them have a say on what shows Amazon makes. TV fans can watch, rate and review the latest Amazon Original pilots – which include comedy, drama and kids shows – on Prime Instant Video, which all sounds really awesome.

I think it's such a modern way of doing television. As prime members we can watch, rate and review the latest pilots – which include a selection of kids, comedy and hour long dramas, basically having our say on the future of TV!  amazon.co.uk/primevideo
Have you tried Amazon Prime Instant Video yet?

Amazon Prime Instant Video, have you tried it yet?

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