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An Apple a Day Monday: I

Posted on the 07 November 2011 by Travelspot06 @travelspot06

As you may know, fall is apple season. You are probably tired of the “pick your own apple” places and all the apple hype, but I am not. I love apples. I am so happy to have several trees to “pick” from at home. Last weekend, an orchard near us invited everyone to come join them in picking the last of their apples and making cider from them. You could bring your own apples if you liked, even knobby, small or slightly holey ones or you could use their apples if you didn’t have your own (free of charge). Once picked, the apples went into a hand cranked cider press and came out as cider! It was great fun! We brought some of our own apples, picked some of theirs (and ate many of theirs!) and hand pressed our own yummy apple cider.
There was also a pot-luck, so we brought a dish to share and some chairs and hung out all day with friends and family, chatting, taking photos, eating apples and enjoying the fall weather (which has been unseasonably warm this year!) An Apple a Day Monday: I
An Apple a Day Monday: I
An Apple a Day Monday: I An Apple a Day Monday: I
An Apple a Day Monday: I
An Apple a Day Monday: I
An Apple a Day Monday: I
Next up: There is more than one way to skin an apple. Don’t forget to check back next Monday to find out how...and for another edition of “An Apple a Day”, which will be a feature each Monday in November.
What is your favorite apple related food? Have you ever picked your own apples? How do you get YOUR apple a day?

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