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An Atheist’s Note

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Beersting @beersting
An atheist’s note

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Hola, God forgive me

Because I don’t believe in thee

Your existence is in doubt, you see

Nothing about you is proven scientifically.

An illusion in the mind

A support for the blind

A dirty creation of mankind

To suppress other and mind.

Strike me down for blasphemy

Put a fatwa on me

Slice me up perfectly

I am a cur, I am unholy.

I don’t conform to your views

Surely I am bad news

Just don’t get your cues

No effort to reform or pay my dues.

Why pay heed to my right

To not think alike

How dare I insult?

How dare I mock?

Swimming against time’s tide

I came to the end of my ride

No chances to again rise

From the hands of fate, my destiny prise.

No pain, tension or fantasy

Nothing to do, nothing to see

Pitch darkness  all around me

Imprisoning me eternally.

Is this the heaven or is this the hell?

Surely is hard to tell

No need to ring any alarm bell

But infinite boredom as well.


The poem is written by An atheist’s note Amlan Shankar De.

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