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An Odd Invention

Posted on the 26 March 2013 by Anshul Gautam @anshulpui


An Odd Invention
Like the way OS drives hardware, My tender heart drives my actions. My CPU seldom pauses its function, Clutched in multiple processes And deadly thread synchronization. Endured against suffocation, Withstanding brute deadlock condition; I envy that giant-tiny mastermind, Fabricated into a chip Named after Intel’s perfection.
My limbs and glands, Constitute my local connection. Through narrow bandwidth in my nerves Runs protocol for communication. In meshes, in rings, in stars or on buses, With niggling breaks and data congestion My dreams sail in intense versions. Full of exclamations and interjections, My vision surpasses Chris Nolan’s ‘Inception’.
Procuring the imagination Of an unmatched conviction. With new thoughts’ propulsion At my solitary mansion, I head towards tranquility Drawing my steps towards the invention. An invention that can help you find Eternal love for your life  Exempted of distrust and disgust. Aided with honesty, and upheld warmly.
And that would be my ultimate innovation; My blow of life, Into lives of millions & millions.
An Odd Invention
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