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An Open Letter to Jordan Knight Otherwise Known as PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAZY FAN!

Posted on the 18 October 2011 by 80sgirlforever @80sgirlforever

I haven’t blogged in almost a month..I know….BAD DEB!!!  I promise THIS post will make it all worth it!!


I went to Blissdom Canada last week (will do a proper post I swear) not 100% knowing what to expect. I knew there would be tons of people there that I talk to on Twitter & A LOT there that I had already met through Twitter as well.  What I didn’t expect was that some of those people that I talk to almost on a daily basis but had NEVER met before had a surprise in store for me…nope not naming any names JUST YET!!!

You see, as you have probably assumed from my post in June I have loved..wait make that LOVED New Kids On The Block /NKOTB since the early days of 1984..through the devastating break up in 1994..to their “happiness to my heart” Reunion in 2008 and of course to present day. I had their faces on my wall, the records/tapes (now ALL rebought on cd), know every word to their songs & even *some* of the steps to the songs. I follow every one of the guys on Twitter & Facebook…none follow back but I’m ok with that as they have THOUSANDS of girls biding for their affection. I tweet all of them and I have even had multiple DM’s from Jonathan Knight @JonathanRKnight  (don’t get me started on the first time THAT happened as you can probably imagine) but I NEVER had been to any of their shows until  June 19, 2009 when they played Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario.

Since that day, I have seen them play Casino Rama in June 2010 and FOUR .. yes I said 4 times this past summer during their tour with Backstreet Boys. I didn’t have the money to spend on VIP meet & greets but I saw that tour from every possible angle…Both shows in Toronto, Ontario..left side of the main stage, right side of the main stage…7th row floors for Hamilton,Ontario (I *could* have had All Access passes but I don’t like to take advantage of people) and even from the very top of the arena for the last show of the tour in London, Ontario. During the show when the guys sing “Tonight” they go into the audience & of course get mauled by girls. I have tons of close up shots of the guys thanks to the zoom on my camera but could never.get.close.enough to touch them or even get up the nerve to do it when I KNEW what section they would be in.

Then a month ago, my friend who has been at multiple VIP meet & greets for concerts, went on the NKOTB cruises & won radio show trips to see them in Barbados emailed me about seeing Jordan Knight @JordanKnight  on Breakfast Television (read the blog post here ) so of course I went.  It was AMAZING & I had a lot of fun watching Jordan play along with the game show & really enjoyed his interview and that smile *melt*. At the end of his segment he walked around to everyone and SHOOK THEIR HAND!!! I was BEYOND NERVOUS that I couldn’t take a picture of him being that close never mind the fact that I WAS TOUCHING him!!! My friend was able to get a fuzzy picture with her iPhone though.  I was floating on air!

An Open Letter to Jordan Knight otherwise known as PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAZY FAN!


Then on the way home, my bubble was deflated a bit when I got sideswiped by a dumptruck that veered into my lane & took off.  The whole left side of my SUV was damaged all to he**.  I wasn’t hurt so that is all that mattered…I STILL had my handshake from Jordan to keep me happy. Definitely a day I would never forget…until this past Saturday at Blissdom Canada.



Saturday night was the customary Costume & Karaoke Party to end the conference.  Being that my twitter name is @80sgirlforever…I dressed as an 80′s girl…talk about owning your brand!!!

While I was having fun with everyone, unbeknownst to me a secret plan had been put into place behind the scenes.  One lovely couple by the names of Eric (@ThatEricAlper) & Candace Alper (@NameYourTuneCDs) have known & worked with Jordan Knight for a long time.  You get where I am going here????


YUP! They brought JORDAN KNIGHT to the party and you can imagine my reaction when he came down the escalator that I was sitting under…


An Open Letter to Jordan Knight otherwise known as PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAZY FAN!

Not sure if Jordan is happy to see me or not???

Yes…I turned into a complete sobbing lunatic…

An Open Letter to Jordan Knight otherwise known as PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAZY FAN!

Are you freaking kidding me..I look like an idiot and you decide NOW for me to meet him??


I got some pictures with him on the red carpet & I *think* I spat out some understandable sentences…


An Open Letter to Jordan Knight otherwise known as PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAZY FAN!

Is this a dream?


After I calmed down I was able to get a “normal” picture with him

An Open Letter to Jordan Knight otherwise known as PLEASE FORGIVE THE CRAZY FAN!

I'm on cloud 9


While all the other girls were getting pictures with him, fawning all over him & talking to him…I just stood in the shadows watching.

I WANTED to go talk to him…I WANTED to tell him so many things….I WANTED to ask him so many questions but 1. I figured he had enough of me & 2. that is NOT me even though Eric told me to go over or he would leave LOL.

You see I am a fan but I also respect people (even more so celebrities) privacy.  I’m the fan flipping out at people on Twitter when they are hounding the guys at their houses and tweet about it. I’m the one that was venting about people invading Jonathan’s personal time while he was showing a house he had renovated & was trying to sell. I’m the one getting into *battles* with other so called “fans” badmouthing the guys because they wouldn’t give them some facetime when they are with their families on downtime.


In the end, I (along with who knows how many other girls) did get up on stage & sing “Step by Step” & “Hanging Tough” with him.. and YES the videos have gone VIRAL on You Tube, ET Canada and so on…SO embarrassing seeing my chubby body dancing & singing beside Jordan acting like a complete and utter FOOL!


On a side note…

Candace & Eric – I know I said it MANY times & hugged both of you MANY times Saturday night but it meant SO much to me that you brought Jordan to Blissdom Canada for everyone to meet…but especially for fulfilling a dream for me that I NEVER would have thought could happen. I LOVE you guys SO much xxx


Jordan – I know you will NEVER see this .. but I just want to apologize for acting like I did & for NOT taking the opportunity to tell you how much I have loved you & the rest of the guys all these years. Your solo songs & the groups songs mean so much to me & have got me through (and continue to get me through) so many hard times.

I wish I could be like other people and not care about your privacy…but then I wouldn’t be ME!!


*Thank you to Cherie-Lynn Buchanan @CLBuchanan for capturing this special moment for me*

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