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An Open Letter to the Gandhis - Let Go of the Ego!

Posted on the 20 May 2016 by Nelton @neltondsouza
To The Gandhis,
I am not writing this as someone who has any political aspirations or affiliations/inclinations with/towards the Congress, BJP, Third Front or any political party for that matter. I am writing this as a young individual who feels terribly pained at the sight of the current political scene in India. Seeing how under-developed our country is even though it possesses great potential is another reason.
After the results of the five regions - West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Pondicherry the writing is clear on the wall, and this is how clear it can get. The Congress party has not gained, but lost, again, and is still in the doldrums. And from what it seems there is no fix in sight, both short term or long term to stem the fall. Probably it won't be long before people start jumping off this sinking ship while those unable to jump hold on to their prayer beads hoping against hope for a miracle. The rest, with the nation, will start betting on the date when India will become Congress-mukt Bharat.
Much before I was born, and many others too, there was a genius who walked on this earth who coined this phrase, "It is not the smartest or greatest specie that survives, it is the one that adapts the best and fastest." The world knows him as Charles Darwin, Time and again this statement has proved its weight in salt. The dinosaurs, no matter how gigantic they were, could not escape this too. Much closer to our current time we have a classic example of Nokia. Please bear in mind, Nokia never did anything wrong. The only thing it didn't do was innovate enough and fast enough. Before it could learn the lesson and turn things around it was too late. Its competitors had developed better phones with better OS' on them leaving Nokia not a preference for many. And you know the rest.
Unfortunately, what happened to Nokia can and will happen to anyone who does not innovate. That's the unwritten law of the universe. No one is an exception, not even the Congress Party. It is better you realize and completely understand this. And before you do, please drop the unnecessary ego which I feel by accusing others of having an ego you'll have enlarged your own! The Congress Party is the Grand Old Party, but that doesn't mean it should do things the old way. It also doesn't mean the Gandhis have to be at the helm always. Look at Bhutan for that matter, where the king abdicated the throne choosing to have no say in the functioning of the government. The king now gets more love that those in government. That is what legends are made of. That is a legacy everyone is proud of. 
Hence, open your minds to new ideologies, innovations and ideas. I am not asking you to change from being secular to any particular color or be pro-capitalists. But innovate in how you do things. The method of choosing candidates through primaries at the last general election was a novel idea. Follow up and build on that. Distribution of tickets will be more transparent and fair. Infuse young talent into the party and hear them. Give them an opportunity and guarantee them that with hard work, dedication and intelligence they can go up the ranks and become the next party president. Being a Gandhi should not a criterion. Bring in accountability where every member across the ranks is graded on his/her performance and connect with the masses. Eliminate the ones who have a criminal past. You and the nation are better off without them. 
It is good to know you have Prashant Kishor on your side for the UP and Punjab elections. Pay heed to what he says. If I were you, after biting dust every time and with my future in question, I would blindly follow him. The odds of his strategy not working are very less. If you'll win, great. If not, atleast you don't have to go looking around for a scapegoat. And if you'll do win, and this applies to your existing governments as well, run it like a professional establishment where there is no room for complacency or corruption and execution is quick. After all you see, you can't become a cricketing nation like Australia if you have a board like Zimbabwe. 
All the best.

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