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..and Here Comes Fall

Posted on the 02 October 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
The main reason that I know it's fall is because my bank account is really low. When it's winter, I live in a coat the entire winter. A nice warm fuzzy coat. When it's summer I live in a swimsuit and shorts errryday. Spring, who really cares about spring?
Oh but FALL! I love it so much. I think if you asked anyone who has ever bought me a gift before, they would tell you that I beg for scarfs. I have a scarf problem. I have a giant rack in my closet that pulls out, and it's full of scarfs. I always think I need more, and could probably wear a different one everyday of fall. 
It's pretty much only been fall for a week in Utah, and our weather is so crazy that it's like a breezy 70 one afternoon, and 2 hours later it's sweltering at 90 degrees. I practically melt in my fall clothes. I love them though. 
I have already been shopping twice (in 2 days), they were small shopping trips, but I got some SWEET fall clothes. 
My new boots:..and here comes fall
My new shirt:..and here comes fall
Not pictured is a cute blue shirt with gold buttons, and a sherpa vest! I need to sherpa a mountain now. Jared is going to make fun of me, when he sees it. No more long lunch breaks.
Tomorrow I get my hairs all did up, and then Thursday I am off the get family photos. Fall life is seriously so good.
Also, here's a side story. Last night Shia could not sleep. She was tossing and turning so I made her get under the cover with me and put my arms around her. She usually cuddles for about 11 minutes and then she's over it, but last night about 5 hours after Shia and I laid down, Jared came in our room to go to bed (he takes adderol and it keeps him up all night), he comes in and Shia and I were practically touching noses we were so close. He said it was pretty tender. She didn't move an inch, she just wanted her mommy. That's why everyone needs a puppy. 

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