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Another Pointless Contact

Posted on the 14 July 2014 by Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet

To Veritas Radio:
I saw a clip with an interview by you and came here looking for more. Then I saw a short interview you did with Niara Isley.
And I just wanted to say: all these folks get help after reaching out. They get listened to, they get people taking them seriously, and they get somewhere. Everything I've uncovered I've had to do 100% by myself.
I reached out to Leslie once.  She didn't take my reaching kindly. I've reached out to EVERYONE.  Meanwhile I woke up in the middle of an abduction experience - flat woke up, more than once. I've told my handlers to pay me for my time. I've told one handler the other was a terrible handler. I've been tazed, pushed around, and most recently called a diamond and told it was time for me to retire.
I have a lifetime of memories I'm still trying to sort through that I can't make sense of. I could write a book if I had time, but I'm so busy trying to pay Obama's new taxes I just don't have the time. And then I see interviews like this with people talking about how no one remembers without hypnotherapy. And it drives me crazy.
If I'd just been talked to that day perhaps their story would be more complete. Maybe more folks like me that break out of the programming repeatedly would feel safe coming forward. But we don't, because we might get yelled at over the phone by the very people we reach out to.
And it just... sucks.
'Nuff said.

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