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Another Research Project, a Completely New Country

Posted on the 06 August 2013 by Kdcoduto @katydee

While I have traveled abroad for research before, this is my first time anywhere in eastern Europe. Fully immersing myself in Prague for these first 24 hours has truly made me ready to continue with my research that started in the United States, with a focus on entertainment reporting. I can hardly wait to hear what students in Prague have to say about their entertainment websites and what they use them for, especially since there appears to be a hugely vibrant music and entertainment scene here.

Spending Sunday afternoon on Charles Bridge. The sunshine didn't last as long as we hoped, with a storm rolling in just hours later. (Photo by Kaitlynn LeBeau)

That has been one of the most interesting aspects for me so far: Discovering the different musical tastes of this new country. When I first logged onto my computer Sunday evening (after nearly 20 hours in airports and on airplanes!), I immediately opened Spotify to see if it would work here. Sure enough, Spotify came right up, and it even remembered what I had been listening to in the United States. I’m curious to see how long it will work – when I studied abroad in London, I used the streaming service for two weeks before getting a notification that my service had been interrupted because my account wasn’t actually valid in the United Kingdom.

I also love hearing what’s playing on the radio as we walk down the streets, into restaurants and around shops. So far, I’ve heard an interesting combination of American Top 40 mixed in with Czech artists and, perhaps most surprisingly, a number of British indie bands. More than anything, I’ve noticed a taste for British indie, ranging from Blur and Oasis to newer bands like White Lies and Kasabian. These are the kinds of things I love to discover, and I want to know more about. Does the Czech Republic’s closeness to the United Kingdom allow these bands to translate easier to this culture? Is it easier for these bands to tour here and spread word of mouth? I’m hoping to find out as I continue exploring.

One of the many quotes on the John Lennon Wall. The wall is one stop that should be on every music fan's list of places to visit. (Photo by Katy Coduto)

Of course, there are still so many sights to see and so much history to take in. It’s incredible being in a city with buildings and stories older than our entire country. Perhaps our most successful trip in these first 36 hours was the class visit to the John Lennon Wall. While the art that covers the length of the wall is inspiring, it’s also almost hard to comprehend the impact of John Lennon and the fact that he merits this recognition. As a music fan, it’s exciting to see the impact he’s had – and that impact is enough for me to continue researching and understanding what drives people to entertainment in the first place.

This post was originally published on Visit to see all of my class’s updates on our research and travel while we spend two weeks in Prague.

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