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Anxious Days

Posted on the 06 January 2013 by Jane @Jane_PlanetBaby
Hello gorgeous ones. Just a quickie tonight to keep you in the loop as to what's occupying my mind at the moment. 
For those unaware, our home town of Hobart has devastating bushfires on its outskirts. On Friday, we had our hottest day on record of 41.8 C (107.24°F), triggering the outbreak of several fire fronts in south-eastern Tasmania. They are about 20 km from us in suburban Hobart so we are safe. Thank God. Not so lucky is my girlfriend's sister-in-law. Here's a 'during' photo. Anxious days And here's a photo of her house's smoking remains.

Anxious days


My girlfriend and her two children escaped by boat, thankfully.
An old schoolfriend's parents lost their home in Dunalley. They are safe, thank goodness.  As I type, many are evacuating their houses as the fires flare up again. I've been watching Facebook to check on my cousin's status - she and their 13 month old son, whilst evacuated, are okay. Her husband, a fisherman, is at sea so she's doing it on her own. At last report, her house was okay. Sadly, looters are afoot in her neighbourhood. There's no accounting for taste. Or style, it seems. Our community's outpouring of support and love is just astounding. So many of our parents' generation recall too vividly the horror of the 1967 bushfires which savaged Hobart so soundly. I imagine the current horrors are bringing flashbacks to many. The groundswell of public support has been quite extraordinary. It's all happening as I type. Our family's resources to assist are limited at the moment but we are eager to assist as best we can. If any of you are in a position to help out, please head to this Facebook page to see what is required. Please keep the fabulous emergency services in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days. They'll need all the help they can get. Photobucket

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