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Approved Google Adsense on My Blogspot: Reviews & Tips: Is It Worth It? Video Available Until Payout

Posted on the 02 March 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco

Approved Google Adsense on my Blogspot: Reviews & Tips: Is It Worth It? Video Available Until Payout

Google Adsense on Blogger

Are you like me years ago that is so frustrated and even had gone to the point of losing hope on making your blog somehow earn? Well, earn in terms of the capability to pay at least your regular monthly internet connection and the maintenance of your blog or website? If you are this person, my friend, this blog post is just for you.
I have been there like you. All the time that was put to research, All the efforts on double checking details that you might have been missed, All the attempts to reach out to other successful bloggers regarding this matter, And all the hope you got in yourself, that in your next request of appeal for the approval of your account may now be a "Yes!".  
There will be 2 major questions that I would like answer and serve a testimony for others.. and these are: First, does Google really approve Adsense on blogs that do not have their "own" domain? and Second, what specific actions did I do for my blog to be approved after being rejected a number of times? Please be advised that I am basing all my information here as per my experience. So I don't know if the explanations below are legitimate but I think my blog is enough to be a proof of the things that might help other people move on about this.
Your reaction on my first question can be like "Are you serious?", "Of course they do, Adsense buttons are present in the blogspot platform for a reason". The real issue here is that conceptually, it is possible. But I cannot remember a single blogspot that can be a testimony for this issue. I saw one years ago but I do not know what happened to it, but now its gone. This is one of the reasons why I was so happy on receiving the email from my latest appeal that I was now approved of the Google Adsense program. That this blog you are reading right now is a living testimony that it is really possible. Just imagine, I started blogging way back the year 2013. That was s.i.x. years ago - What a history right?
And now, for the more important issue, 
By the way I was rejected for like multiple times.. not only once just to clear things out. And so, I was aware of the basic things I need to have before applying the program which are the following:
- Of course your own valid and live blog or website - It must have UNIQUE content- You must be at least 18 years old- The blog's language must be supported by Google- And your blog's traffic must be in a considerate number (which Google only knows)
The other things you should consider are Google's guidelines and policies which are usually over-looked by many.. and they are:
* Your domain's age AND site ownership should be at least 6 mos.* Your content should be decent enough for kids to see
The catch here is that some of these are not quantitative but qualitative..
> User-friendliness of site - Pages must be easy to navigate> Correctness of Data / Reliability of Information
What did I do after being rejected? 
Review and Implement - I'll skip the things I know I already passed
1. Uniqueness of content, I took the effort to check ALL the pages I have in chances of plagiarism. I  reword every single phrase and sentence that are quite similar to other sites. There are many sites and programs in the internet that can help you with this.
2. User-friendliness of site, I made sure EVERY link on my pages is working. And as much as possible minimize the links that are out-going from my site. If there is, I need to set the option to open it on another tab
   - I do not know if this is for real or not but some successful bloggers back in the past said that having your site's own terms and conditions makes the probability of your site to be approve higher. There was no harm in putting one so I did.
3. I transferred the ownership of the blog to another email. Can be the key, really. I did not intended this solely for the approval of the adsense program but I actually did this because I wanted a fresh start. I actually thought of creating a new blog from scratch and deleting the old one (which is this actual blog you are now reading). Yes, I reached that point guys. But I ended up continuing the same blog and just adding more posts to it when I need the urge to write.
4. Just a personal tip: Place your own situation where you are the Google's quality checker and that is not your blog or website. If it passes your standards, fire away with that apply button.
I made a video for those who are too lazy to read this post. Hope this helps.
Well, this will be all for now and I hope it helped you guys in any way. Currently, I am in the validation of payment details so I will continue this post when I receive my first official payout from Google (upon reaching the minimum threshold amount). It will surely be not that long as I think all this time waiting for it was worth it. Looking forward to tick it off in my bucket list soon.

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