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Around Arabia in 20 Days: Burgers, Planes, and Eternal Sun

Posted on the 17 November 2013 by Eternalmusing @HanaMuses
Leaving felt like I had been plucked from my warm bed and thrown into a world of blue-donned officers, neck pillows, and smelly sneakers. Which, for the record, was exactly what happened. We had an early flight taking us to DC, and from there, a connection flight direcly to the UAE. Gratefully, the first flight was smooth for the most part, though, due to a storm that had floated around the area we were stuck on the ground for another two hours. I was beyond tired and slept off most of it, so it posed no trouble for me. I hate airports. Upon landing in DC, I am faced with glares and stares, as if I didn't belong. Sometimes I wonder if everyone in the airport is a grouch, or is it because they don't want me flying. I wish people would smile when they look me in the face, I know I make it a note to. My foul mood changed upon zeroing my eyes to my favorite burger joint: Five Guys. No, I was not passing up this opportunity. So I had some and tried not to hum in delight. It was then I had realized it was the first thing I'd eaten in hours. After my filling meal and staring disapprovingly at my parents' choices in salads and light soups, we went to the terminal and sat around waiting for our flight. The one thing I hate more than airports is getting on the plane. I'm frightened to look people in the eye because I could feel their eyes on me. I considered smiling but no one smiles upon getting on a plane! Come on now. So I resorted to put on my tired-act in which I look down at my floor and guide my carryon through the tight aisle, which wasn't so hard considering it wasn't a lie. Now many people ask, "How on earth do you survive a thirteen-hour flight?" That's easy. Movies.With TVs behind every seat with the latest hollywood movies, tv shows, hit albums, and even games, there is so much entertainment to be had. I watched three movies and listened to maybe an hour's worth of music provided. When I wasn't watching a movie, I was sleeping or playing Temple Run on my phone. Not to mention eating bland, curry-chicken and unseasoned rice, cold bread, and frozen butter. Not my favorite dish I'll be honest. I brought my laptop to write my story, but I had no inspiration to write a single word abroad--wait, that's a lie. I wrote a few sentences, but none were sufficient.  "Hana, don't forget to pray," my mom tells me as she passes by to go to the lavatory. That's right. Since I was travelling, I could pray Maghrib and Isha, the last two prayers of the day, together and shorten them. Thankfully, I had already done wudu, the ablution ritual that I must perform before prayer. I had done it at the airport. i was about to hold it off, since the sun was just setting. (I would have hours, right? Wrong.) As I watched my movie, I couldn't help but notice the sky was not getting darker. Confused, I stared out the window and caught rays of a rising sun. The sky was indeed getting lighter. Oh God. A moment later I was praying, knowing that God would forgive me for this little debacle. Not fair that we're traveling east! We experienced no evening time. And thus, I prayed Maghrib, Isha, and Fajr; the morning prayer. All in quick succession. I will forever tell that story to my Muslim friends. They get quite a kick out of it. ***"Flight attendants please be seated for landing--" I opened my eyes, groggy and numb from my little brother's head on my lap. I nudged hiim awake and stretched my buzzing feet. At last. I was ready to get off the plane. 

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