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Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Elizabethwix


People looking at art....


 There are all sorts of stances that suggest attention like the weight on one foot


seen here too.


And the head slightly back rapt attention....or puzzlement ....or leaving it neutral for now.


We went to the Outsider Art Fair on 22nd Street in the old DIA building and though there were some reliably quirky things (see above) much of the work seemed oddly faux naive and there were lots of swanky art galleries and price tags in the hundreds of thousands. Very differnt from when the show was in the Puck Building years ago.


However, it was very well attended and offered much to discuss.


I thought Jean Betancourt was a more authentic art work than most of the stuff on the walls. (Went up to her and asked if I might take her can't look like that and not expect people to notice you.


She makes funky jewelly and regrets that no gallery wants to represent her. THe business side of art never ceases to puzzle me. Will not discuss this here.


Anyway, off to the David Zwirner Gallery on 19th Street where the work is reliably engaging


and the crowd rather chic.


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