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Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Celestialfactory @celestial_flow
At time I often ponder upon the best means to express my thoughts. With nearly 7 billion people, with a unique thought process, at the same time suffering divisions caused by languages, what better platform exists besides painting away your thoughts. Visual art is a beautiful language that can be comprehended by each human soul that resides on this earth, yet at the same time enabling us to exercise free will, a limitless free will which cannot be judged. Every person is allowed to perceive various art forms in the way they wish too.
It is a platform where you will not be judged on what your thoughts have led you to devise nor will you be judged for perceiving what you see in a negative manner. You are free to do whatever you like.
I quote the words of Maestro Michelangelo “A man paints with his brain, and not his hands”
I would like to share with you a few of my thoughts I have painted so far,please bare in mind that I don not perceive myself to be an artist, but I appreciate various forms of art because it makes me feel free.
All my paintings are are my personal thoughts and opinions which instead of verbalizing I chose to paint instead.
Please take a look and share your thoughts on them, I would love to know how you would perceive them, and then I would the thoughts that circled in my head with every stroke.
- Celestial Factory

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