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Art in Island | 3D Interactive Art Museum | Murals, Illusions, Perspectives and Lights Show

Posted on the 06 September 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Its always fun to discover somewhere the whole family will enjoy. Well, learning something is a plus but is a big factor especially when it is about our own history and culture. Let's be honest that most of "those places" are somehow boring, but what if we found a place that is totally the opposite of it all. 
We stumbled in an interactive museum where the combination of arts, lights, and sounds are showcased in a thrilling vibe where learning is nourished. Good enough? Read on..

Gigantic room with mural arts at Art in Island

The huge high-ceiling room with 3D mural arts

Man, the place is gigantic! Not sure but read somewhere that this may currently be the biggest art museum in Asia.. If it's not, well, it's definitely one of the biggest then. Welcome to Art In Island in Cubao, Quezon City - Philippines.
To start the tour, shoes are not allowed inside so you need to surrender them upon entering the entrance of the designated exhibit area. They advise guests to bring jackets as to visitors may feel cold and as their part of their reminder, you can bring any kind of camera inside but using flash is prohibited.

Surrendering my shoes

Make sure to wear socks - shoes are not allowed inside the exhibit area

Prepare to be amazed as the exhibits get better as you go deeper inside the museum. It will start with some basic optical illusions like this,

sample optical illusion

It's a painting so it should not move while you go nearer to it

Real looking life-size paintings like this

sample painting exhibit

Painting exhibit

And some murals that are mind-blowing like this.

sample 3D mural

3D Mural

By the way, I am just giving you some examples of the different features to enjoy there as they have literally hundreds of it inside.
You don't need to be an art expert to appreciate them but if you are, I am pretty sure you'll still be amazed at what they can offer here. I happened to actually caught myself smiling upon seeing some of them as they will stun you with their illusion, color mix, size & grandeur, until to the efforts behind.
And to reiterate how big the place was, there was a point in time that I was confused about where should I go next haha! Some areas got several doors and I don't want to miss any section. There was also an area where I thought it was a dead-end but it was not lol, the stairs were just sitting there near me and I just laughed myself out. It's actually a good sign as to it implies that I am excited to see everything they have there. Though be ready for some walking action as to roaming or wandering this huge of a place can be tiresome.

sample cute diorama exhibits

Cute dioramas

Hiwaga ng Pilipinas

This is one of their newest attractions inside which is a section/show of graphic arts and lights & sounds altogether. I already saw some clips on the internet before my visit but man, getting its vibe first hand was different.
* The ticket man will stamp your hand before going inside. If you look at your hand, don't question him why your hand is still the same as if there was nothing new.. Go inside and look at your hand again. =)

Black light stamp

Disregard the date stamp. There is a black light stamp somewhere there lol

I experienced a unique feeling that I was just imagining way back then. What was it? To see a lot of fireflies in the night with that relaxing feeling of peace. I had prior experience of it, it was way back our Palawan trip (no. 4 on the list) but this is just in its league of its own.

Hiwaga firefly and butterfly animation

Hiwaga firefly and butterfly watching

Imagine you are in a big dark room, with the sound of nature, cold, and what you see is this view? I was just caught up in the moment - staring at it for quite some time, enjoying everything I see and feel. I was blessed to be the only one in the whole area that moment so I cherished everything to the fullest.

Hiwaga fireworks

Hiwaga fireworks

This area was a revelation to me that experiencing it is way better than setting expectations or judging them immediately upon seeing just a part or glimpse of it somewhere else.
I would definitely recommend you guys to go there and experience it first-hand. Well, if this was not yet enough.. How about a video of my visit? I hope this gives you tons of more reasons why you should schedule your visit soon.  Happy watching!

The entrance ticket prices are as follows:
Adult - P500
Student - P400
PWD - P400
(Children below 3 ft. are FREE of charge)
Hiwaga ng Pilipinas - P200 (additional)
*Has a separate ticket VS the regular one
Reminders and guidelines:
- Bringing of food and drinks inside 
- Any kinds of pet 
- Running inside the exhibition area (Walking is better)
- Birthday celebrants are free of charge on the day before, during and a day after their birthdays
- Enjoy 20% discount for a group with a minimum of 15 members
Well, don't be like me that took so much time before visiting them in person. Uhhhmm.. thinking of it now though.. it had its pros, but I am pretty sure you'll leave the building more than satisfied and even more.
Address: 175 15th Ave., Cubao, Quezon CityOperating hours: Tuesdays to Sundays (9:30 AM to 9:30 PM)Contact no.: 431-1356Email: [email protected]Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/artinisland/Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/artinisland/Art in Island logo

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