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Art Journal Faces - Each One Tells a Story

Posted on the 28 October 2020 by Realityarts @realityarts

In this video on my YouTube channel I share some of the faces and scenes in my art journal.  When I work in my art journal the intention is not to initially draw a face, but to work on creative play on a background without judgment at how it should look, just reaching for supplies and allowing them to find the pages.

Once the page has got to a certain point I start to think about what I can see emerging from the background, often you can see shapes of images - you may have to turn it upside or on its side to see the shapes/figures that have formed without you specifically thinking about it. 

Each image has a story to be told and you have been given to task in telling it, the first step is finding them on the page and releasing them into the world - I will let their voices be heard.Art Journal Faces - Each one tells a StoryDancing to the Beat of Your Own Drum
She decided to dance to the beat of her own drum, not worry what others had to say or tried to say.  She no longer sought the approval of others and understood that she had been on a journey collecting the tools she needed to stand on her own two feet. 
A big learning curve had taken place and she was free to be who she wanted to be and live her life.  She could express herself in the way that tapped into her creative dreams, visions and goals - it truly blessed the world and herself

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the images on the video and look forward to seeing how you start to approach your Art Journal.

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