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Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful Or Not?

Posted on the 23 September 2021 by Realityarts @realityarts

In this episode I include how I find keeping a journal is useful. I had read the Artists Way many years ago and I started to do my 'Moring pages' which is 3 pages of continuous writing first thing in the morning. I found it really useful to get out my ideas and every now and then I wrote out some really great nuggets of inspiration.

I also examine my interpretation of the differences between a collector and a hoarder. I thought there were some massive difference, I still do ( I am not sure my family would feel the same way though lol).

Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful or Not?

Tip for the Week - Give yourself time to Create

I give myself time every day to do what I creatively want to do in the studio. So if you give yourself a portion of time you never then feel like you have been robbed or you haven't got anything done. I have a range of different things that I would like to try but don't have the time.

If I schedule a bit of time for myself I can just enjoy doing that thing or enjoy say working in an art journal or playing with a new supply without any pressure and then you still got time to get on with the work but you have to give yourself permission you have to say this is the time that I will schedule for myself and you stick to it.

You must not do other things in that time like going to hang out the laundry but you need to stick to the time that you have chosen.

You will find that you definitely will grow if you start to do it over a period of time, and you can compare to see how much you are getting done and the quality of your work from when you first started

Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful or Not?

Question of the Week - What one nice thing can you do for yourself this week? This is something you need to think about as we often leave ourselves to last or over look ourselves.

Spotlight Artist of the Week

Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful or Not?

Here is an example of her work...

Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful or Not?

Thank you for joining me, looking forward to hearing what 'nice thing' you are going to do for yourself.

Arts and Wellness Café - Helpful or Not?

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