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Arts and Wellness Cafe - Running in the Deep

Posted on the 16 September 2021 by Realityarts @realityarts

Welcome to the Arts and Wellness Café - in todays episode the topic is the word 'Deep' and we look at the layers we can go within our creativity.

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Running in the Deep

Are there layers to your work and have you been avoiding going 'deeper? I share an art journal page and review of Graphite Tint water-soluble pencils

Arts and Wellness Cafe - Running in the Deep

You can check out the Graphite tints and other links below

Graphite Tints -

Podcast Video -

Dover Stencils -

Collage Lab Book -

Have you found your style? It took me over a year with practice to get an idea at the kind of images I wanted to create, then I had to let go and see what wanted to be brought forth - If I listened what would I create?.
A combination of what was inspired and what was in my subconscious. It took a while before I felt comfortable and it still takes a while to understand the messages or stories that want to be told in the piece of work. Arts and Wellness Cafe - Running in the Deep

Art Journal Page using graphite tints - Treasure

In Tip for the Week I share what might happen if you ask yourself the question 'What if' If you followed it through where would it lead you. What if you could create anything you want or try any medium. How about applying for that opportunity and going for it even if you feel nervous or scared. The time is now to 'step out of the boat and soar'!

I also ask in Question of the Week we think about the things that we have been hiding from ourselves. What is that for you?

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