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Ask Same U: Why The Long Graduation Speeches?

Posted on the 15 May 2013 by Sameuniqueness
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A reader emailed the following:  
Dear Same U, 
If I have to sit through another graduation speech, I am going to die!!! What can I do to help me stay awake during all those speeches the next time I go to a graduation? 
-- Dying of Boredom
Hello Dying of Boredom,
Thanks for the being the first to send a "Dear Same U" email! You rock!
Graduation speeches are the worst! Most people do not remember who spoke or what they said. But because it is a special moment, you want to be respectful. So what do you do?
Well, you can count how many times they say the word "future" in their speech-- almost all speeches at graduation mention the word future at least twice.
You can also look at the other speakers' and professors' reactions to what is being said. Sometimes you get lucky and catch one of them nodding off.
Lastly, you can always play a game of "How do you pronounce this name?" by reading the names of the graduates in the program; and then looking at the graduates and try to guess which name belongs to which graduate. That way later you can be tickled when you discover who the names really belong to when the degrees are presented.
Just remember, the moment of boredom is a part of an important experience for the person you're there to support. If you are the one graduating, know that in a few moments you will never have to hear that speech every again-- unless your parents recorded everything and later at the party try to show the video again!
Hope this helps!
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