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Attitude is Everything

Posted on the 20 February 2016 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
Attitude is everything

When I watched this video, I couldn't help admiring the strength of human spirit - Khud Ko Kar Buland - and how it
has the courage to face challenges, no matter how tough they are. I have found it really useful to also have a plan B, a plan C and even a plan D.

Truly, attitude and looking forward determines a person. In life, we cannot change a lot of things, but we can certainly control our own response to it. And it is when we are faced with problems that we realize what we are capable of! And sometimes having a plan can make all the difference in facing situations head on.

Why, even an absolutely docile mother becomes a lioness when her child's safety is threatened. We seldom realize our true mettle unless we hit those lows in life. And when we face them bravely, we emerge stronger, thanks to those life lessons and the experience.

Let me share some of my own #KhudKoKarBuland Moments

Years ago, when I had a corporate career, one of the companies I worked with decided to wrap up. We had just moved to that city and were in a dilemma. Of course, the obvious thing to do was find another job, but then, I didn't really get the kind of job I wanted.

Survival gained precedence over everything else and I was grateful that I got a sales job. In my mind, I believed I really wasn't suitable for one of those. To add to it, I had a boss who made it a point to always be absent whenever there was a crisis at work. This was odd, considering that he was actually a good guy. The industry I worked in was very competitive.

To my surprise, I discovered I quite enjoyed my work and went out into the field enthusiastically. I was one of the more diligent sales people. Since I was a fish out of water- I worked harder and planned my work to the T!

During one of my sales calls, I got a lead for a major requirement. If this came through, it would be a great achievement for the company. I also got to know that an ad hoc committee meeting was going to be held to evaluate vendors and finalize the order.

I needed some urgent input from my boss, who, as usual was unavailable. I couldn't contact my head office as that would raise many questions. Deciding that it was easier to handle my boss's wrath whenever he did turn up, I just went ahead and took the risk of signing the necessary documentation.

I must confess that I was nervous and just a little frightened as I huddled with my competitors in the client's lounge, waiting for their decision. Another ridiculous obstacle I faced was being a woman - Government clients seldom took women sales persons seriously. I really had my work cut out.

I also felt a little intimidated as I was the sole representative from my organisation while the others were in teams.

Finally, the doors to the meeting room opened. The client walked out and informed us that it would be a couple of days before they got in touch with us. It was Friday and we had to wait until Monday. As we got ready to leave, he beckoned to me and asked me to wait. I don't think it endeared me to the others.

Half an hour passed. I had no idea why I was asked to wait. The anticipation was freaking me out. Finally, the door opened again, and they called me in.

I sat.

The client handed me a file and said one word.


I was in a state of shock. I opened the file. I could not focus. It took every ounce of strength I had to control myself from crying. I was looking at a major order. And they had increased the number of units. I swear I was too choked to speak. I thanked them, received the order and left. It was that day I realised that being prepared to face anything had been a deciding factor.

It was a turning point in my career. I did not allow fear to hold me back.

"Don't fear pressure, for pressure is what turns rough stones into diamonds"

Life's adversities and insecurities show us how strong we can be and bring out the best in us and like I always say- a plan never hurt anyone!

Everyone goes through hard times but how you react - your attitude #KhudKoKarBuland makes all the difference. Remember, plan for the worst so that the good times become even sweeter!

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Attitude is everything

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