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Attitudes Towards Both Bottle-Feeding and Breastfeeding

Posted on the 27 August 2014 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Sometimes I think that the whole breastfeeding topic is a bit of a sensitive one and  that's probably because everyone has such different opinions on it.
Some people are very pro breastfeeding and some people aren't really into it. And both are fine.
Personally, I didn't breastfeed. To be totally honest, I'm one of those women who just really isn't in to it. I tried very hard to be, but it just wasn't for me. I also tried to breastfeed Ethan when he was born, but I really struggled to get him to latch on and I felt so poorly in myself that accepting help from other people to bottle feed Ethan seemed like the best choice.
I also had to go back in to hospital three days after Ethan was born because I blacked out and fell in the shower, I couldn't do anything for myself and I couldn't stand without falling. So Adam changed all of Ethans first nappies and he did all of his feeding. He took Ethan home with him when I went back to hospital, because I wouldn't have been able to get out of bed to tend to him if he woke up in the night and so bottle feeding worked out really well for us.
Attitudes towards both Bottle-Feeding and Breastfeeding
I've never been made to feel guilty about bottle-feeding Ethan. But I do know other Mums who have been made to feel guilty for their choice to choose bottle over breast, which just really baffles my mind.
And it's the same for women who choose to breastfeed. I've heard stories of photographs being removed from Facebook of Mums breastfeeding and I don't quite understand why this happens? I have seen such disgusting things go un-removed by Facebook, yet they remove something that is natural and in no way offensive? I've also heard stories of breastfeeding Mums being asked to leave shops because they're feeding their babies and other people don't feel comfortable about it.. how is that even allowed to happen? What do people expect breast-feeding mothers to do? Leave their babies to cry out in hunger and simply ignore them?!
It seems to me that there can sometimes be quite a lot of negativity towards how us Mums decide to feed our babies, no matter if we choose to breast or bottle feed. Take a look at these survey results to see what I mean.
At the end of the day, all that matters is a healthy happy baby. People need to stop judging Mums who bottle feed and they need to stop judging Mums who breastfeed. Us Mums will feed our babies using the best method that works for both us and our children. And we certainly don't need any negative input from people who should know better than to judge.
Attitudes towards both Bottle-Feeding and Breastfeeding
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