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Baby, I Got a Plan!

Posted on the 25 February 2014 by Rielouise @MarieLouiseNoonan

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This was my response: Gavin, where did you serve again? Given that you are almost exactly the same age as I am, I would imagine that you served in one of the two Gulf Wars. I have a modest proposal: bearing in mind that I come from a military family, and despise the very idea of an individual impersonating an ex-serviceman, you could come and stay in my late father’s house on the other side of Birmingham and we could drive out to Ladywood and confront this man. We could take film and sound equipment and expose this dissembler for exactly what he is. You name the time and the place will be in my hands.

This will not appear let alone receive any kind of response.

I hope that Gavin responds to me privately with answers to my questions.

Or he may believe, as his psychiatric acolyte believes that ‘Many servicemen – who appear to have joined up imagining that war was a thing of the past, and that armies are now purely ornamental or a form of disguised unemployment – returned home from the Gulf deeply traumatised psychologically.’ (http://www.gulflink.org/GulfWeb/uk_news/te080397_1.html)

I’d bet my bottom dollar on the latter.

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