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Baby Proofing - Here's How To Do It!

Posted on the 23 November 2021 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
A baby is a precious thing to bring home. Those early newborn weeks when you are sitting in a bubble of love and wonderfully warm feelings are easy. No, really. Even with the sleep deprivation and the constant feeding, a newborn baby is easy to get to know, easy to feel safe with and more. They don't feel the need to slam doors and jump onto kitchen counters, roll down stairs and throw things - that’s what a toddler does. Toddlers don't often sleep well. They like to jump on the beds, throw things in the toilet and sometimes - if you’re really lucky - they like to switch on the oven.
Curious toddlers are what keeps baby proofing companies in business, and they are also the cause of needing to baby proof. Their curiosities are going to be the death of your sanity, but if you know how to baby proof properly, you’re going to end up with a safe house, a living child and your sanity intact. With this in mind, here are some of the ways that you can baby proof your home.
Baby Proofing - Here's How To Do It!
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1. Start with the stairways. 

The hall stairs, the landings - these need to be baby proofed as much as possible. Think baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent the toddler from accessing the floors you don't want them into. You’ll also need to add a covering to the bannisters in the home - the gaps can lead to a curious toddler putting their head through the bars.

2. Don't forget the doors. 

You can speak to companies like Southern Doors Ltd to make sure that you get the best security doors for your garage. Toddlers can get through doors if the door handles are low enough and you need your exterior doors to be locked and controlled easily by a remote so that you don't end up with a missing child. Your main front and back doors also need to be considered for extra locks - you won’t believe how many miss out on this one.

3. Kitchen safety. 

The kitchen is a hive of activity which means that your toddler is going to have a ball in there with the pots and pans. The problem is that they can also get into the knives, the oven and any number of dangerous things if you don't child-proof the space. Add another safety gate to the door of the kitchen and add locks to the cabinets and drawers. Keep your nosy toddler out of the lower cabinets, too, when you add locks.

4. Keep an eye on the toys. 

A world of toys is so important for the development of your toddler, but toys wear out over time. If you keep an eye on the toy situation, you’ll be able to see whether there are sharp edges, broken pieces and things that can affect your toddler. Keep them safe while they play and you won’t have to panic too much about an accident happening when you’re not watching.
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