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Back to the Grind…

Posted on the 22 February 2015 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

I have been absent again…sigh. It’s just what I do. I have a good excuse though, I have been back at work since the second of February.

And it’s already spring here. That’s right, you heard me…while the Eastern Coast of Canada is buried under 52 feet of snow, we are basking in 14 degree days. Our crocus and snowdrops are up, actually some of my summer flowers are already sprouting through the soil, which is unheard of at this time of year.


Everything is at least a month ahead of where it should be, including all of our customers…instead of slowly breaking into our job like we normally do in February, we are balls to the wall busy. Which is super awesome. I love it when work is fast and stupid busy, I will take it over the dog daze of summer anytime.

I come home from work and you will pretty near have to pry my tired dead ass off of the couch. Making dinner is done before I sit down, because once I do…that’s it. I sleep like I am in a coma…if the big one hits during the night, getting out alive is going to be questionable. Having a job is fantastic.

We went wood hunting today and the picture at the beginning of the post, was what we were living. Life is rough on the coast eh? I don’t want to say it sucks to live anywhere else, because then everyone will move here, but it really does suck to live anywhere else…sorry.


We were talking earlier about how much snow we have experienced up the logging roads while wood hunting this year, and decided…none. Probably not going to be a good thing come summer, there is not a patch of snow anywhere that we go, but at least this year we have had enough torrential rain storming that the ground isn’t tinder dry like last year.


I struggle with the guilt of living in such a fabulous place as I get dressed in the morning to go to work in my June clothes instead of my long johns…wait, what? No…no I don’t. I actually dance. Around. Like for real.

I just hope it’s not the Universe fucking with us, being nice before it smites us with the big one and sends us all reeling into the sea. If that happens after I have posted this…you will know it was all my fault.

But I still don’t care.

Smite me if you must. Until then, I will be outside in my t-shirt enjoying our fabulous June February weather.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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