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Banku Akka and The Era of Lankan Victim Shaming

Posted on the 11 July 2016 by Scribe Project @ascribeproject

Few sex tapes of a Lankan couple engaging in sexual intercourse in an office leaked few days ago and all hell broke loose in Lankan Facebook community. The clips are taken in different days and the camera was probably hidden. However, the intention of this post is not to write a detailed analysis about the mediocre camera lens or the progression of the guy trying to find the right hole. The sexual experts on Facebook are already evaluating the clip and writing movie critics about it.

What worries me is the new trend that emerged with this tape. People being that jobless to find the facebook accounts and photos, spending time to make memes, facebook pages about the girl. I successfully counted 7 new facebook pages regarding this incident and a countless number of memes. What worries me, is empowered lankan women going haywire when Bill Cosby abuses 57 women but not knowing jackshit about the slut shaming currently taking place in their own country. I wouldn’t blame them. These stories don’t go on Elite Daily or Thought catalog or any other reputed news and publishing media but all those cheap Lankan gossip sites and lame entertainment facebook pages. But the damage done by those are boundless and can’t be undone. It is hilarious and sickening to see profiles such as සින්හලේ සින්හයෙක් sharing links for the sex tape for everyone to see amidst the Abolish Muslims and Bodu Bala Sena posts.


All those Facebookers who probably haven’t had a proper glance at a real female breast since the day they stopped getting breastfed, went all hyped and started sending links back and forth. A sex tape leaking once in a blue moon is normal. But that doesn’t mean you need to wipe the semen off your hand and start face matching to find the real girl. And making memes putting her face as an image? That’s definitely crossing boundary.

There’s a post published few hours ago stating that the people who popularized the video would be punished by law. As expected, there are quite a number of people who justifies the shaming of the couple claiming it was their misbehavior caused such incident. As kinkier as it sounds, engaging in sexual activities while you’re at work is a violation. But that’s up to the bank or whichever that office is to decide. Yes, recording without the other partner’s consent is wrong. But even if this was done by their both consent, leaking and revealing their real identity to the whole world?

The sad truth about Sri Lankan Pornography is that almost all of them are leaked ones. The foreplay is mostly the guy trying to convince the girl that he won’t send the video to his friends. The girl agrees after few attempts and once they break up, the guy posts it up on internet. So was it the guy who uploaded the video in this case? We don’t know. It’s ludicrous to believe all the fabricated stories from gossip sites, just to gain them more views. The bottom line is, the face/faces of the victim/victims shouldn’t have been revealed and made fun of.

Capture 2

So what’s next? What’s next is scary. Having the victim/victims already mocked as banku akka (and banku ayya); ‘fit-on room akka’, ‘public toilet akka’, ‘nightclub akka’, ‘bar akka’, posts are not so far away. Althought you aren’t the one who’s recording and publicizing it, they will shame you and laugh at your bareness, while revealing their nakedness for a casual session with their hand. Your photos will be all over the internet, blaming you for stepping in to clubs and bars, going to toilets and changing clothes in a fit-on room. Remember the train accident near Barracuda? Nobody blamed the unsafe train crossing. Everybody blamed the party. It’s the same logic here. Nobody blames the uploader or the one who publicized their faces. Everybody blames the act itself. This unyielding primitive thinking of the fellow Lankans, is scary.

So here’s to Sri Lanka, the country to google the word ‘sex’ the most number of times in the world proudly entering a new era of Victim Shaming. Here’s to absurd Lankan facebook pages gaining more and more likes everyday. Here’s to them lankan boys who need to get laid and here’s to Bill Cosby hitting 79.

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