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Be Patient.

Posted on the 15 July 2016 by Scribe Project @ascribeproject

Be Patient.

I’m probably the worst person to say that patience is a virtue, however, it is – in relation to multiple subject matters, all one can say sometimes, is, be patient.

On some days, your mom will be paranoid, she will be annoyed, she will be worried and it will all seem like only one thing to you – anger. She’s yelling at you to clean your room, she’s judging your outfit piece by piece – down to the color of the stitches. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs at you to come out of your room to eat your rice and curry but remember, she’s tired too. She’s also stressed because she has a lot on her plate. Just because she is older – doesn’t make it any easier for her. Keep in mind, your mom does everything and anything for you; she and your father are the only people who will love you unconditionally regardless of what you do, even if sometimes, it would seem like they hate you. Hate, is not in a parent’s vocabulary for a child. Be patient with her, she was always and is still patient with you.

At one point, he’ll be oblivious, slightly ambiguous; he’ll pass on sly remarks about random things that have absolutely no relevance to your conversation and ignore your messages or ‘seen-zone’ you, but he doesn’t mean to do that. He’s not sick of you. He’s just a bit tangled in his thoughts; he’s also trying to figure himself out, like you are. We often forget that boys also need to go through the path of discovery that some of us have romanticized – it is not a beautiful road to one’s self if it involves pain and self-harm. He won’t tell you he’s hurting because he has to be strong for you, but he just wants you to understand and be patient with him.

A week of utter emotionless beings will roll around, your best friend will be ‘moody’; she’s tired and is being ignorant and arrogant and it’s annoying the living daylights out of you. Her responses have become vague, she isn’t replying to your messages when you need instant replies. She doesn’t seem to care about your boyfriend problems but remember, she’s frustrated too. She is also tired of all the school work and extracurricular duties; she is also exhausted from the endless drama school pours onto her plate. It may not seem like it now, but your best friend loves you with all of her heart, and it’s just an off day for her, she just wants you to hug her and say “it will all be okay soon” – to make her regain hope in herself and in people. Be patient with her, she’ll return to the energetic, happy, faithful, smiling girl she’s always been.

Before rambling on too much, patience is something that is vital when it comes to friendships, family and romantic relationships. Sometimes, people need those that care about them to sit with them in their room whilst listening to their favorite song, eating a bucket of ice cream or fried chicken (your choice). Maybe it’s hard for you, but remember it is as hard for them too. People are always fighting battles, both mentioned and unmentioned. No matter how big or small – a battle is still a battle, and whether they say it enough – they need you more than you think they do.

Be patient.

Be Patient.

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